De, can accumulate money;And, can wang home

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As the saying goes: every family is fickle, rich or poor.Germany does not stand, wealth together;Virtue is not solitary, there must be neighbors.Family discord, happiness is hard to come;Family is not kind, when waste.Things change, but always the same: wealth in virtue, home and.In Chapter 81 of Tao Te Ching, it is said that “the sage does not accumulate, since he thinks that others have more of himself, since he has more with others.”A man of high moral character, who does not possess money, does not deliberately accumulate wealth.They get their money to take care of others, so the more they give to others, the richer they become.It is said in the four Teachings of Yue Fan that “a hundred gold fortunes must be one hundred gold figures, and a thousand gold fortunes must be one thousand gold figures.”How much virtue, how much wealth, this is destined to be a blessing.And when a person regardless of merit, just no bottom line of consumption fu bao, fu bao exhausted, money will not stay.Once upon a time, there was a long road down the mountain, but because of its own lameness, walking is very inconvenient.A kind-hearted family saw this and worried about the long road.So every day to prepare delicious meals, but also please live at home, convenient way long sermon.A year later, when the Taoist chief said goodbye and went on a long journey, a lot of treasures suddenly appeared in the courtyard of the family, and they became rich from then on.When the neighbor heard about this, he was very jealous.So he hurriedly looked for the lame governor and asked him to go home and offer him food.Unexpectedly, the Taoist chief found it, but it was not lame.The neighbor ignores these, after deceiving the long way home, life and death broke one of his legs, and then hypocrisy to make offerings.But a few days he was impatient, immediately drove away the road long, thinking: “I can be rich!”He hurried into the courtyard, but who knows the courtyard suddenly out of many poisonous snakes and scorpions, he died on the spot.This shows that a man without virtue will inevitably suffer misfortune, and he will eventually reap it.A man of virtue, blessed by heaven, can accumulate wealth and become rich.Retribution, therefore, is not the protection of Heaven, but the reward of those who do good sincerely.Where does money come from?From good character.”The University” said: “Virtue, also;Wealth, the end also.”Man lives forever, vegetation an autumn.Fame and fortune are fleeting, money and wealth do not take away.Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper wayA man should not be unconscious. he would rather be short of money than immoral.All men love money, and seek it, and find it not.In fact, the money is in our ford.A man without virtue, even if heaven falls fortune, will eventually pass, no happiness.All the blessings and wealth in the world, are your accumulation of ford!In the eighth chapter of Tao Te Ching, it is said that “the superior goodness is like water, and water benefits all things without conflict”.Laozi tells us that character like water can tolerate and nourish all things, altruistic and self-seeking.As the saying goes, “Harmony leads to xiang, while good spirit leads to anger.”People have harmony, to keep the blessing;Harmony in the home makes everything prosperous.A wife asked her husband to bring her horse home in exchange for some food, but all he got was a bag of rotten apples.His neighbor scoffed, “Your wife will be furious when she sees this.”The husband smiled and said, “No, not only that, my wife will praise me.”His neighbor did not believe him, so he bet him a bag of silver.Back home, the wife was happy to praise her husband: “It’s great! I just asked wang Jie to lend me some vegetables, but she didn’t even want to lend me a rotten apple. Now I can lend her a bag of rotten apples!”As agreed, his neighbor gave him a bag of silver.The husband earned the bag not because of luck, but because of his family.His wife is tolerant and understanding, and his family has a harmonious atmosphere.The ancients cloud: “thousands of years to repair the same meal, thousands of years to repair the ferry.”It is not easy for family to get together.Peace is a blessing.The more arguments, the more bad luck;The more peace, the better the house.A family, know how to cherish, understand tolerance, can be happy for a long time.In Chapter 38 of Tao Te Ching, it is said that “a great man should deal with his thick, regardless of his thin, regardless of his reality, regardless of his splendor”.The gentleman is honest, not in shallow, simple and pure, not in flashy.A person’s fate, wealth, family rise or fall, are determined by their own energy.When a man gets much but has little virtue, he can’t keep anything.It’s like someone who makes a lot of money and then gets sick and spends it all.There is a law of conservation between heaven and earth, once out of balance, will be good or bad, until the balance is restored.That is why we have often heard it said, “Evil comes to virtue and unworthiness.”Fate, the most taboo people’s calculations.Take care what you get and you lose.Nan Huaijin also once sighed: “fate, can not use hard means.”Only virtue, is the best feng shui.Good, is the source of human well-being.If you want your life to be successful and your home to be prosperous, you must always do good deeds, save more blessings, and accumulate hidden virtues.Prosperity with Yin De wealth, you lost everything, will come back!Accumulate virtue can make wealth, accumulate and can prosperous family.I wish you both wealth and virtue, life with endless!