Since ancient winter sad lonely, cold days need to guard against seasonal depression

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I don’t know if anyone has noticed, we are familiar with the ancient poetry since childhood, about the autumn and winter part, generally unconsciously with a touch of sadness.For example, Li Bai “Autumn Wind words” at the beginning of the “autumn wind is clear, the moon is bright, the fallen leaves gather also scattered, jackdaw habitat complex startled.And like Liu Che “autumn wind speech” in the “autumn wind from xi baiyun fly, yellow grass and trees xi goose south return.Is Liu Yuxi could not help but sigh “since ancient times every autumn sad lonely.”And in daily life, many people also feel the same way, as soon as entering the autumn and winter, unconsciously low mood, insufficient spirit, the whole person can not raise the momentum, feeling very “bereavement”.01 Why to autumn and winter very sad?In fall and winter, cooler temperatures, less sunlight and more gloomy weather affect physiological aspects of our bodies, including neurotransmitters and hormone levels, which in turn affect our emotional state.1. Less sunlight in autumn and winter will lead to a decrease in serotonin, resulting in poor appetite, poor concentration, anxiety, anger and other reactions.2. The body produces less vitamin D in autumn and winter when it is exposed to less sunlight, and a lack of vitamin D is associated with an increased risk of depression.3. Seasonal changes disrupt the body’s melatonin balance. In autumn and winter, when there is less sunlight, melatonin production increases, so people tend to feel sleepy during the day.4. The weather in autumn and winter is relatively cold, people’s outdoor activities and interpersonal communication are also relatively reduced, which is easy to cause anxiety and depression.As a result, many people will feel unhappy in qiu dong, this is a normal psychological phenomenon, but if have serious psychological distress and functional damage, for example, a long time to feel sad, often cry, always feel tired and weary, difficulty concentrating, by this time you may need to go to a hospital be being checked, whether suffering from “seasonal depression”.What is Seasonal Depression?Seasonal depression can be seen as a well-defined form of depression that often leads to low self-esteem and even abandonment, depression, and inactivity.General patients with depression attack time for the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, emotional symptoms and depression symptoms are almost the same, but also have a little different.Compared with non-seasonal depression, several problems are more prominent in seasonal depression: 1. Increased appetite.(especially increased demand for carbohydrates) 2. Weight gain.(Rapid increase of 3~4kg or more) 3. Sleep disorders.4. Onset in autumn and winter and remission in spring and summer of the following year.(Even without treatment, seasonal change is also very likely to relieve) 5. Emotional symptoms are the main symptoms, rarely mental symptoms.How to be happy in winter?Studies have linked seasonal depressive disorder to a significant reduction in the amount of daylight in winter.In autumn and winter, even if it’s cold outside, going outside to get some sun, even if it’s cloudy, can make your body produce more serotonin, making it easier to be happy.In addition, more sun exposure also reduces melatonin production, making the body less sleepy and more energetic.2. Strengthen exercise exercise can adjust the function of the human body, promote blood circulation, in addition, after exercise, the brain will release endorphins, can relieve pressure, enhance the sense of pleasure, regulate the nervous, anxiety, depression and other states caused by the dysfunctions of the plant nerve.In the daily life of autumn and winter, might as well try to cure all “loss” with exercise.3. Reasonable diet In autumn and winter, the human body needs to consume more energy to resist the cold, prone to fatigue, sleepiness and other conditions.Therefore, in the daily diet, to pay attention to light, more supplements rich in vitamins and protein food.Cut down on greasy foods, which can produce acid in the body and make you feel sleepy.4. Adjust your mind When facing negative emotions, you should actively adjust your mind and take part in more recreational activities, such as listening to music and watching movies, to relax yourself.If depression has seriously affected your study, life and work, then you can also go to the psychological department of the hospital to seek doctor’s help, so that professionals can evaluate, diagnose, and actively cooperate with treatment.Conclusion “no winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come”, I hope that in the face of emotions, we can meet the most powerful self, cure all “loss”, make life better.