“Spring breeze action” is underway in hubei province

2022-06-04 0 By

Residents know about online job channels.Photo taken by Li Caiyun shows an employment caravan in Shayang County.Jingmen Municipal Party Committee propaganda Department for the picture spring breeze to send warmth, employment to send the truth.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the New Year’s job-hunting peak will come, jingchu earth “spring breeze action” is in full swing.On the morning of February 8, the square at the south gate of Zigui county in Yichang city, Hubei Province, is full of people.The county 2022 spring breeze action line large-scale job fair held here.”I used to work in Shanghai, but this year I chose to stay in my hometown because I have to accompany my child to school. Now Zigui is very different from ten years ago. There are more factories and the salary is higher.Qu Dinghua, who originally worked in Shanghai, came to the scene early, after a circle, through job adaptation, salary matching, he filled in his resume in Yichang, Hubei Province Jingtuo Optical Co., LTD., “I hope the development of hometown is getting better and better, so that more people are willing to stay in Zigui.”On the same day, the first “Spring Breeze Action” of the Year of the Tiger in Jingmen was held simultaneously in the recruitment hall on the second floor of the city’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and in four counties (cities and districts).Jingmen, shayang county, binjiang district ZaoLin community, is home of the rural workers, Mr Kim was jobs caravan “employment why to go the distance, the home is a good place to” horn touches, holding the money, the family balance idea, Mr Kim had to negotiate with the enterprise, after learning that the hometown work treatment also not bad, decisive enterprises reached a preliminary employment intention.To promote local labor employment on the spot or in the vicinity, jingmen, shayang, beijing-shanhaiguan people club department sets up “the feast of the masses, we pass” service consciousness, grasp the opportunities for most of the workers also celebrate the Spring Festival at home, solid to carry out the “employment caravan” countryside tour, door key enterprises offline send post activities such as recruitment, employment guide people home.Learned, yichang zigui county by the spring action village, and other activities to trill live on hills, villages propaganda “spring breeze action” recruitment information, in the county to build a “spring breeze action” good situation, ensure that the county has the will of migrant workers workers returning home business, transforming more workers obtain employment, to achieve the goal of steady jobs, jobs, start.Since its launch in January, Jingmen “Spring Breeze Action” has held a total of 78 recruitment activities, serving 1,068 enterprises, providing 22,000 jobs, facilitating 7,862 people to reach employment intentions and sign employment agreements, and assisting enterprises to recruit 5,012 people.The 2022 spring Breeze Campaign in Wuhan will last until late March, with more than 180 recruitment events arranged and 300,000 jobs collected.(Guan Xiyan, Li Caiyun, Quan Benyan, Li Bo)