Changde economic zone to carry out key vehicle traffic safety special inspection

2022-06-05 0 By

Massachusetts moment on February 21, – (correspondent Sue of fat” Wang Yuanyuan) as the best area of road traffic safety management, build a Spring Festival transportation safety, ensure smooth area of road safety, February 15th afternoon, Chang Dejing open area traffic police joint public security, safety and other relevant functional departments, to the area of the bus company and for transport enterprises,Special inspections on road traffic safety will be carried out.On the afternoon of February 15, changde by the open area, the inspection team in wenhua school bus company to understand the school bus safety situation.In mandarin school bus companies, aiming at the condition of the area of the recent round of primary and secondary schools, the team examined the school bus management accounting, check the bus logo, tires, belts, xiaosha record condition of equipment, and asked the bus company to strictly implement the management system, the bus driver to do a good job of maintenance, maintenance and safety inspection on the school bus., civilian police to school bus drivers in the traffic safety education, to remind the driver for the school bus safety technical inspection regularly, in strict accordance with the school bus route, the passage of time, the ferry stops student, and do not the overcrowding, not consciously speeding, ensure that the road is not illegal, in order to make sure students travel safety on the road.The next step, the traffic police department will continue to increase the school bus safety management efforts, the school bus running line one by one investigation, clear the road may be potential traffic safety risks.In the afternoon of February 15, changde economic zone, inspection team in wanluda Logistics company site to check the GPS dynamic monitoring of dangerous chemical transport vehicles.Subsequently, the inspection team arrived at the area of the dangerous chemical transport enterprise Wanlu logistics company to carry out the source of dangerous chemical transport vehicle safety inspection.During the period, the inspection team carefully looked at the enterprise safety management ledger, read the vehicle safety inspection logs one by one, and checked whether the vehicle GPS positioning system is effectively used and whether the running track is implemented real-time dynamic supervision.The inspection team also put forward specific opinions on the next stage of safety management of enterprises, requiring increased daily maintenance and management of vehicles, and good source management;Strengthen safety education for drivers, improve traffic safety awareness of drivers of hazardous chemical transport vehicles, and ensure transport safety.