Full-length legendary novel of the Republic of China “Liyuan Yinhate” 51

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3. Cui Chunming went down the tunnel and observed by the oil lamp on the wall.Under the ground there were two large storerooms, one full of grain and one full of bullets.He wanted to burn, a flash of thought, listen to Shen Ying said guerrillas lack of grain and guns, bandits also robbed their food, it is better to stay, try to let the guerrillas get it.He had been walking down the tunnel for about a full meal before he saw a faint light at the end of the tunnel.Out of the cave, there was no sign of the bandits, and then looked around, at the foot of the mountain in a humble col.He went one or two miles the wrong way along the Qishui River before arriving at the place where Qin Dongsheng was to wait.He called several times, but there was no answer, thinking that the coward must have gone back first.If we didn’t take him up the mountain, we’d have to freak out.He puffed and sloped back.Ma Ba, with a hundred or so defeated soldiers, confounded to go back to his brother wang Tai, the bandit leader of Gaomiaoshan, who was far less powerful than him.In fact, the distance between the two mountains is not far, they have long seen the war of caotou Mountain in the eyes.Usually Wang too afraid of Ma Ba, often licked his p – share.This is the time to hold your head up high, didn’t take them in, knocked a guy in the face.Ma Ba was angry and ashamed, unable to advance or retreat.He drew his gun and went up the mountain alone to consult the king.”Oh my God.Baye, forget it.The wall fell and everyone pushed.Can a living person suffocate in urine?Think of another way to turn the ball over.Use his head as a urinal.”The donkey said again.”Mama of!Little people.You think I’m done playing?Ma Ye’s food and ammunition will not run out in a year. Ye will rise again.When the time comes to find him account, not gelding he just strange.”Ma eight scold, that walnut like eyes are quick to fall out.Liu Yunfeng sighed, when is the end, where is the life of peace?Arrogant Ma eight bowed his head not a word, wither like frost hit the same.All the other bandits shouted, miss the mountain happy good time, afraid of this drowning dog like escape day.Donkey eyes a turn, close to ma eight, and a plan.”Eight ye, za be inferior to with surname wang of make peace.””Make peace?Fart!Will it work?”Ma Eight one leng, ask in reply.”Oh my God.Eight, you can’t live without making peace.We will be killed by our brothers, and the communist partisans will be waiting for us.You might as well join the ranks and get a job.You don’t have to honor your family, you can hold your head high.Popular, drink spicy, naturally little.What’s more, this is a long law and a good reputation.I don’t know…”Liu Yunfeng saw Ma eight language, took the words: “I see the line.Rather than such a mess, I would rather go to an official, SO that I can be an official wife, scenery.”Ma eight considered for a long time no decision, in Liu Yunfeng repeatedly urged, decided to let the donkey to deal with.The donkey took five gold bars wrapped on his body, stripped a bandit’s white clothes tied to a tree pole as a flag, and called two bandit to follow ready to go.At this time, a detective bandits came to report that Wang Yaozu’s team had been withdrawn to the mountain.Ma Ba ordered the big donkey to go quickly, he gathered troops to return to the caotou mountain from the secret way.The big donkey waited for a long time before he arrived at the caotou hill, where he was intercepted by a group of soldiers.He hurriedly raised his white flag and shouted his intention.They came and bound the three and took them to the mountain temple.The donkey explained to Wang Yaozu that Ma Ba had surrendered to him and that he was willing to surrender. Wang Yaozu was overjoyed and ordered to be freed immediately.Saw the gold bar, know fruit have sincerity, immediately said willing to accept them, to a recruitment to expand their own team.The donkey, hungry, ate his fill and fawned over.Wang Yaozu let him go back to prepare, decided to tomorrow noon in front of the county guandi Temple held a surrender ceremony.Appointed Ma eight battalion commander, and to celebrate, and then discuss and suppress a total plan.As soon as the battle was over, Wang yaozu searched everywhere for the “elder sister” mentioned by Qin Dongsheng, but could not find even a single image of her. It seemed that she was not on the mountain.He regarded qin Dongsheng as a treasure, and set up a special bed for him to rest, so that he could use him to meet the beautiful, big-eyed sister he described.Qin Dongsheng has been unable to sleep, thinking about the safety of Qin Lanya.When the donkey came, he covered his head and pretended to sleep, afraid he would recognize him.He had overheard their conversation, and he thought that he must pass on the news to Shen Ying as soon as possible so that the guerrillas would not suffer.Wang Yaozu before the withdrawal of the first to shangfeng, reported last night to suppress the communist bandits guerrillas first battle success, annihilated nearly 100 bandits;Captured guns, food countless.Gleefully awaiting the reward from the summit.The team withdrew to Yongshou county, regardless of the rest, decided to personally send Qin Dongsheng back to the troupe.Really drunk weng’s meaning is not wine, one mind miss Qin Dongsheng’s elder sister, spare no effort to also want to see that beauty, is expected to succeed in the plot.C. When Cui Chunming returned, the sky had already brightened.The people were waiting anxiously for him and Qin Dongsheng.He saw Qin Lanya safe and sound, steadfast in mind.Qin Lanya learned that he and Qin Dongsheng went to find himself in caotou Mountain, moved to cry.Qin GUI after listening to a cold sweat.See Qin Dongsheng back, can not help but worry again, turned around to find, qin GUI stopped.There’s a lot of chaos out there, so he’s not gonna be in danger again.Just then, Qin Dongsheng was sent back by Wang Yaozu, Qin GUI bowed his hands and thanked him.Wang Yaozu stared at Qin LAN bud.A good month chang ‘e, the world flies.So he pretended to be enthusiastic in order to carry out the plot.He asked: “I heard miss lost, do you need service?””Back.Thank you for the trouble.”Qin of your smile.Qin Dongsheng saw Qin Lanya and asked: “Sister, where did you go?It’s worrying.””Not much.It is rather disturbing that you were out all night.”Qin Lanya replied.Listening to the gentle words, looking at the flawless shadow, Wang Yaozu was stunned.This is mink Zen reincarnated fairy.None of the beauties he had seen in his life could compare with this woman of simple elegance and graceful manners.That charming face, qiao qi Dai mei, autumn spring like eyes, cherry like small mouth, all let a person fantasize.It’s a colorful phoenix in the mountains, peonies in the garden.Staring at the bulging chest, I thought of the soft, sweet and warm taste of jade. My eyes were wide open, licking my lips from time to time, looking up and down, wishing I could swallow her.”Miss Qin, nice to meet you, nice to meet you…””Lanca, go cook dinner.Please have a potluck here as a token of our gratitude.”Qin GUI saw his ugly intentions, busy called away her daughter.”Not yet…”Wang Yaozu is still seduced to stare at qin Lanya that beautiful back, see enough.Qin GUI wants to send him away.Polite way: “since wang tuan do not want to eat here;You’re a busy man, and I don’t want you to stay.Fujian.””Oh?Oh…Busy with military affairs, farewell, farewell.”After taking two steps, Wang turned around and said, “Qin manager.Tomorrow noon I will hold a celebration, please prepare a few plays.”Qin of your side to bear, while sending him out of the temple.After the meal.Xia Kehan was jealous of others chatting with her, so she hung herself out to dry. She felt bored and went shopping alone.Qin Dongsheng and Cui Chunming laughing about their last night’s feat.Qin Dongsheng recall wang Yaozu and donkey talk heard at dawn, Cui Chunming found the bandits store food and the secret way of bullets also said out, think these things are very important for the guerrillas, and immediately go to Shen Ying.”Have you ever been to Sophora Hill and know how to get there?”Qin LAN bud see him impatient, ask.”Won’t you?”Cui Chunming answered.”Asked?Ask less than huai Shan you will be arrested as a communist.I know where she is. I won’t have a problem finding them.”Qin LAN bud said with a smile.