Nanzhao County: Grid management and Weaving epidemic “protection net”

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“Tomb-sweeping Day is approaching. There is a great risk of infection and transmission of novel Coronavirus on your return journey from other places. Please do not return to your hometown unless it is necessary.You stay in your current residence and remember your ancestors by means of family memorial service, memorial service, online sacrifice and so on. If you have difficulties at home, I will worry about handling them for you. You can feel at ease working outside…”Early in the morning on April 4, Nanzhao County chengguan Town Shaping village village leader, grid member Sui Youchao took the information register to call the Cousins of brothers and sisters in the outside euphemically persuasion.In the current severe epidemic situation, nanzhao town in accordance with the “party construction work to the grid to the grid, social governance and serve the masses to the grid”, only flat village is divided into five micro grid within its jurisdiction, by 1 metre cadre, a package of village cadres, five subcontracting the town cadres and 17 village cadres of epidemic prevention and control grid.Grass-roots grid members collect “micro dynamics” and carry out “micro services”. Village cadre Sui Kui and group leader Sui Youchao of grid members in first-level grid are responsible for the investigation, registration and telephone contact of 329 persons in Group 1 and Group 2 of Shaping Village.”Long at all levels of the grid, the grid member is the primary line information before ‘outpost and resolve risks’ engineers’, they give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, the real-time collection personnel information, dynamic master the basic situation of grid in the villagers, to coordinate, completes the propaganda guidance, information screening, controls, life care, such as work,To ensure that all epidemic prevention and control policies and measures are quickly delivered to every grid and every household, and truly ‘the fortress is built on the grid, the grid is long and heavy, and the grid is full of functions’, so as to form a grid governance pattern of the whole department under the guidance of Party building, rural linkage and one network.”Nanzhao County Chengguan Town Party secretary Du Jie said.Nanzhao town in accordance with the “one more, one can more than a duty,” the work mode, use the party leads the general power grid management epidemic prevention and control, aerial graph based in housing registration, reasonable division of community grid, according to the “house to a person, dynamic management, effective control” of the idea, take 421 agatanoatae department cadres and reasonable distribution to the six community,We worked with town and village officials to carry out “carpet” screening, “knock on doors” during morning, afternoon and night breaks, and set up ledger books for the population in the area according to their conditions of staying at home for a long time, working out of town and working out of town, and set up a database. We used grid management to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.Nanzhao YunYang town population, according to the characteristics of many township personnel and high liquidity, the town to the whole town is divided into 26 level 3 mesh, 68 mesh, 266 four grid, from more than 80 cadres, village cadres, and more than 200 volunteers, sinking to the township 7 community, in accordance with the “frames, personal, proportional amount” work principle,We will strengthen the grid management of grassroots defense lines, implement full-chain closed-loop management measures such as dragnet tracking, visits, registration, collection, control and reporting, and break down epidemic prevention and control tasks to the grid and consolidate responsibilities to the grid.Nanzhao YunYang town organization 26 village (community) grid, the grid member to carry out the “knocking” action, reasonable allocate township, village cadres, police and volunteers, give full play to the role of the micro grid member at the grass-roots level, comprehensive screening out personnel base, through the “make a phone call, send a text message, send a letter, to build a grid group” in the form of,Persuade people not to return home if necessary, return home must report, advocate the masses during the Qingming festival civilized worship, do not hold large-scale mass worship activities.Up to now, the town of more than 12,000 people outside the investigation, qingming Festival to persuade back more than 3,000 people, a comprehensive “foreign entry” solid defense line.Nanzhao adhere to the whole construction field, the party organization was built on the grid, supported by party organizations at all levels, by the broad masses of party members at the grass-roots level, in the village (community) to establish a joint party, the party branch building in a small, micro grid, large and medium-sized grid are concurrently by the head of the party organizations at all levels of long, formed a is given priority to with party members, the village cadres,Returning college students, veterans, rural doctors, village elites, volunteers, “five old people”, police in the film, building (hospital) long auxiliary grid member team.Report in epidemic prevention and control, to carry out the “double, double services, double review”, a 721 agatanoatae organs of the party members to the town, ChengJiao Township administrative villages, community grid report, deepen “township whistled, department report” mechanism, “the man walking in the grid, at my net”, by “single management” to “multiple work shift.According to statistics, Nanzhao County has set up 1 first-level grid, 15 second-level grids, 429 third-level grids (including 115 exclusive grids) and 3209 fourth-level grids in 15 townships, 314 villages (communities) and 3252 villages (residents) groups.Grid staff should be good policy propagandist, information collector, social situation and public opinion collector, security risk investigation, conflict and dispute resolution member, people’s livelihood waiter, to achieve social governance requirements, village (community) needs, people have appeals, grid will respond, echo, answer.Editor: Qi Jie First trial: Chen Xiaopu final trial: Lu Yuanpeng