New LAN “propaganda elder brother” incarnation “eliminate kill elder brother”, Huang Qiaohuang good!

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Gen/shenzhen commercial daily reporter kwysonic correspondent Liu Junbin Wu Zexuan “0131” after the outbreak, in shenzhen longhua district mission street new large-scale community members of volunteers and community full-time workers to smell, take the initiative to give up the Spring Festival with their family, the opportunity for the first time in epidemic prevention and control on the line, for the community crowd health build safe fort.Huang Qiaohuang is a member of the vanguard and model team of party members who fight hard and overcome difficulties.As one of the leaders of the urban management grid of Xinlan Community, Huang Qiaohuang is mainly responsible for community traffic safety, city appearance and environment, epidemic prevention and control, sanitation and elimination, and cleaning up around dangerous slope warning signs.Since entering the New LAN community in 2003, Huang Qiaohuang has been working in the community for 19 years. He is also a member of the Party for 9 years. He is one of the veteran comrades with long working years and rich experience in the new LAN community.After the outbreak of “0131”, huang Qiaohuang participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the community for the first time.As a party member, he always follows closely the decision-making deployment of the community Party committee, consciously fulfill the responsibilities of the post, the slightest dare not take it lightly.Every day, Huang Qiaohuang rush about in the new LAN area market, subway mouth, crowded places and other key areas of health elimination work.As a native of Mission Hills Hakka locals, Huang Qiaohuang lives in the new LAN Street, and in order to work, Huang Qiaohuang is often over the door and not into, on the way to meet family also just say hello and continue to go to work.Let Huang Qiaohuang moved and reassured, is the family has been silent care and support.Since the outbreak prevention and control, Huang Qiaohuang has been in the forefront of the most dangerous sanitation and medical waste removal work. He often removes medical waste at three or four in the morning and always cleans up medical waste once a day to prepare for the next day’s epidemic prevention and control work. He is known as the “brother of elimination” by his colleagues in the community.It is worth mentioning that Huang Qiaohuang is also a community propagandist while doing his daily work.When carrying out epidemic prevention and control work in the community, Huang qiaohuang often went from street to street with a loudspeaker in hand to spread the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.Late January 9, Huang Qiaohuang handheld radio speakers, to promote guanlan river fishing mass mobilization of video are uploaded trill instantly famous network after platform, such as the views of more than 20 million times, eager thumb up more than 3000, netizens have called him “propaganda”, but also by shenzhen media reports, the deeds of his colleagues and residents’ consistent high praise.Is health kill away Huang Qiaohuang, according to new large-scale community principal in epidemic prevention and control, new large-scale community a large number of party members and cadres under the group is calling for the community party committee, actively join in epidemic prevention, general knowledge, and dedication, don’t complain, they use their own way for the new rings the life and health of the people “on guard”, the emergence of a batch of like Huang Qiaohuang pioneer model,They have fulfilled the original aspiration and mission of party members with practical actions.Over the past 19 years since taking root in Xinlan Community, Huang Qiaohuang has always been conscientious, hard-working, never complaining, positive and optimistic. He has been working hard in xinlan Community’s city appearance environment elimination, traffic safety advice, city appearance sanitation and cleaning for more than ten years.Since this year, Huang Qiaohuang from “propaganda elder brother” to “elimination elder brother” change, is to show that everyone to his ten years of consistent, dedicated work recognition, but also grounded to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control work by the residents of the best reflection.Review: Yu Fang hua Tian Jun