Notification on Investigation and Punishment of Violation of Epidemic Prevention Regulations of Dingtao Branch of Heze Public Security Bureau (III)

2022-06-06 0 By

On April 6, Heze city public security bureau ding Tao branch according to “the People’s Republic of China public security management punishment law” the provisions of article 50, according to law respectively to give illegal doer MAO, Liu xx administrative detention ten days of punishment.According to the investigation, MAO (male, 36 years old, from Fangshan Town) and Liu (male, 39 years old, from Nanwangdian Town), both of them deliberately concealed their trip by using multiple mobile phones and failed to comply with relevant control requirements, causing the risk of social communication.Dingtao police solemnly remind: in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, we hope the masses start from their own, support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, do not take any chances.For those who refuse to implement epidemic prevention and control regulations, fail to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, affect the order of epidemic prevention and control, and cause the risk of spread of the epidemic, public security organs will crack down with zero tolerance in accordance with the law, and resolutely punish those who are caught together to effectively protect the lives and health of the people.April 6, 2022