Right jade traffic police in the snow for the masses safe travel escort

2022-06-06 0 By

Snow fell in Youyu County on Feb 13, bringing inconvenience to vehicles and pedestrians.In order to ensure the safety of the public during the snow and ice weather, Youyu Traffic police actively responded to the emergency plan for severe weather, deployed police force in advance, and strengthened road control, and went all out to do a good job in traffic safety, to protect the people’s safe travel.Youyu traffic police in large traffic traffic sections of the police deployment, to prevent the occurrence of long distance congestion.On the dangerous road sections prone to accidents, the squadrons organize police forces to increase the efforts of dredding according to the actual situation of the roads under their jurisdiction, and remind passing vehicles to keep a safe distance from each other.With the focus on traffic safety on national and provincial roads and rural roads, eye-catching warning signs and facilities will be set up on steep slopes, sharp bends and other dangerous sections and accident-prone sections, to strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, patrol and control, and remind vehicles to pass slowly.In the line of duty, the right jade traffic police care about the masses, in the snow and snow for the masses in difficulty to provide timely help, and actively cooperate with the relevant departments to quickly implement the snow deicing work.Pay attention to my children