Solve crimes!After reading the analysis of the British media, finally understand Manchester United “cancer” why Ronaldo

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The Premiership giants have struggled this season, with summer’s massive investment failing to deliver a boost to their results, leaving them seventh in the table after half the season, 22 points adrift of leaders Manchester City.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked early following a disappointing run of results, with German coach Michael Rangnick taking over.There are a lot of theories as to why Manchester United have been in the doldrums this season, but a lot of people are making the same argument that it is because of the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.Not long ago, the Sun, a British media, broke a bombshell.Before Ronaldo’s arrival, the atmosphere at United had been relaxed and enjoyable, the newspaper said.But the mood in the dressing room has suddenly become tense since Ronaldo arrived, and he has often tried to change the mood of the team by demanding that young players work harder.As a result, some of United’s younger players are so afraid of Ronaldo that they have become wary of making mistakes and being scolded by the club boss.Ronaldo himself pointedly complained in a recent media interview: “Young players nowadays, if you criticise them, they usually don’t accept it.I’m not talking about Manchester United players, of course, but the general situation at the moment.I want to help them, but young people often don’t want our advice.Then they need to be themselves, find their best form and try to help the team improve.”The Sun then put together a set of statistics on United’s performance with and without Ronaldo.United have played a total of 27 games this season, with Ronaldo appearing in 21 and missing in six.In 21 games with Ronaldo, United have won 10, drawn 4 and lost 7, with a 48% win rate.Ronaldo’s record without the game is three wins, two draws and one loss, a.500 record.As a result, united have a better chance of winning without Ronaldo.United average 1.6 goals a game with Ronaldo on the pitch and 1.5 without him.In attack, United would average 0.1 fewer goals per game without Ronaldo.But defensively, the gap is wide, with United conceding 1.5 goals per game when Ronaldo is on the pitch, more than doubling that to 0.7 without him.Statistically, without Cristiano Ronaldo, United would have been a better defender.If you look at the analysis of the British media, ronaldo can indeed be called a “cancer” for Manchester United.But as anyone who has watched united live will know, Ronaldo gives his best in every game and has little to criticize.It’s nonsense to say he’s messing with the locker room. He’s definitely trying to make the team better, aiming for higher goals, rather than just being comfortable with the status quo.Let’s hope Manchester United can get on the right track soon and that Ronaldo’s good intentions will not be in vain.