Harbin repaired 2,677 broken roads last year!Adopt “white + black” mode to effectively avoid traffic peak

2022-06-07 0 By

We have learned from the Urban Management Bureau of Harbin that in 2021, 2677 roads (sections) were repaired by the urban management and bridge department in Harbin in order to ensure the safe and smooth travel of citizens.Among them, 1116 damaged roads (sections) were repaired during spring maintenance and 1561 roads (sections) were repaired during daily maintenance.Due to thermal expansion and cold contraction and other climate reasons, every year after spring, road pulp damage is more common in cold cities like Harbin.Starting from the spring of 2021, the Urban management and bridge department of Harbin will carry out repairs in order of severity to severity according to the condition of road damage.By May 31 last year, the city’s spring urban road and bridge facilities maintenance work completed a total of 1,116 (sections), an area of 438,900 square meters.Compared with the same period in 2020, the total maintenance area increased by 76.42%.Since June 2021, the maintenance work of the city’s roads has shifted from centralized maintenance to daily maintenance. By December 17, the city had repaired 1,561 urban roads (sections), covering an area of 1,303,800 square meters.In order to ensure both construction work and road passage, the construction personnel of Harbin Road Bridge effectively avoid the traffic peak, adopt the “white + black” mode of operation on weekdays, reasonably arrange the construction personnel to repair the pavement and side stones during the day, and rush to repair large area of slurry damage at night.At the same time, taking advantage of the holiday and weekend car less favorable opportunity, day and night construction, to ensure smooth traffic and citizens travel safety.