Three villages of luliang City were rated as Model villages of Changing Customs (Communities)

2022-06-07 0 By

29, the reporter learned from the municipal civilization office, the city gaoyang Town Renyi village, Chongwen street Liuyi community, Zhongyanglou street Qiaobi village was rated as luliang city’s first demonstration village of changing customs.Standing committee of the municipal party committee, minister of the propaganda department xiu-xia wang for transforming social traditions demonstration village, for transforming social traditions demonstration village (community) the honorary title of congratulations, hope all the village (community) to the opening ceremony as an opportunity and the power, make persistent efforts, solid work, further improve the quality of the rural civilization degree and rural civilization, the pace of the construction of spiritual civilization,Comprehensively build a new socialist countryside, influence and drive the city’s rural customs change activities to a higher level, a higher level, and strive to build a solid foundation for the national civilized city.In recent years, yan village, righteousness, in-depth implementation of the municipal party committee municipal government of bridge north village community about advancing the transforming social traditions working arrangement deployment, the village (community), funerals standards, into the village process, strengthen the propaganda guidance, strengthen the masses support and recognition for the work of transforming social traditions, to promote abolish marriage funeral customs, resist the bride price for work as an important content,We have curbed the extravagance, waste and blind comparison of weddings and funerals in rural areas, and achieved remarkable results in changing customs and customs.In the next step, all villages (communities) will give full play to their pioneering and exemplary role, establish and improve mass organizations such as morality council and Red and White Council, and promote the institutionalization and regular operation of various work.