Can college marriage certificate add credits?

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Can college marriage certificate add credits?College marriage certificate can not add credits.In order to obtain credit, students must pass the grades in all subjects.Or some practical courses are also very important for credit.It is impossible to get married when a student is studying in college. Otherwise, every college student can get married first.Not only does getting married in college not have any benefit in terms of academic credits, but there are also many problems students will face during their college years.What hidden trouble can college student get married have?There are some hidden dangers when college students get married.First of all, the study life of college students is not easy (except for those who go to college to fool around).The study life in university is very busy and stressful. If I want to study seriously and accumulate more knowledge, my time will be almost full every day.And if college students get married while still in school, the sense of time pressure is self-evident.There are so many things after marriage.There is no doubt that this is a potential risk to affect the study.If you want to get a diploma, you have to reach the standard in all subjects. And married life can seriously affect your studies.Not only that, college students get married while studying, but also affect the employment problem after graduation.College students getting married will face employment problems college students getting married in employment is also something that two students need to consider.Because the school’s students come from all over the country, the first is the choice of employment location.It was certainly a great test for the two young men.Now college students actually have a very obvious trend of employment difficulties.Imagine getting married in college and getting a college diploma instead of getting a higher degree for each other.When you first enter the company, will your colleagues be surprised that you are married?And because you are married, you have to go home every day except to go to work, naturally, it is difficult to maintain a good relationship with colleagues, which is of course a bad thing for the career.