Fact: sichuan old woman was shot blind when she was a child, 60 years old to revenge: this revenge does not report no time

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How bad can a man hold a grudge?Sichuan an old lady with real action to give us a lesson, she was still thinking about when I was a child was shot blind his eyes, for many years never forget, finally a rage, picked up the pepper to block each other, to revenge.The story sounds funny, but when we look deeper, we can understand the old lady’s dilemma.The old woman we mentioned is Li Xiaoping. Her parents are both college teachers. She lives a happy and carefree life and has never suffered any hardships since she was a child.At that time, such status and condition were respected.However, when Li Xiaoping was seven years old, an accident changed her life and let her fall into the abyss.One day in 1960, After finishing her homework, Li Xiaoping went downstairs to play and enjoy the rare rest time.Just then, a wooden arrow shot slanting from a distance and pierced Li Xiaoping’s right eye by accident.A seven-year-old girl who could not bear such pain screamed on the spot, blood and tears mixed, the scene was chaotic.Hear the sound of li Fu love her daughter, hurriedly sent her daughter to the hospital.After an examination, the doctor sentenced Li Xiaoping’s eye to death. The wooden arrow had penetrated her pupil and was incurable.Li Xiaoping’s parents couldn’t accept the news. Their daughter became blind like this?Back from the hospital treatment, Li Xiaoping’s parents are investigating the cause of the incident, they want to get justice for their daughter.It happened out in the open, and a lot of people noticed it.It turned out that a boy named Wu Huayong was playing with a wooden arrow. Unexpectedly, it pierced Li Xiaoping’s eye and caused trouble.After the matter has been investigated, the next thing to do is to deal with liability and compensation.The boy’s family is also very guilty about Li Xiaoping’s eyes, but it has happened, they can only do their best to compensate.The two families have been entangled for a long time about Li Xiaoping’s eyes. After many fruitless discussions, they even went to court.The drama ended when the boy’s family agreed to pay for the surgery and emotional compensation after negotiations.However, Li Xiaoping was not satisfied with such a result.However, the matter was over, the court’s judgment had been formed, and there was no room for regret. In addition, Li Xiaoping was too young to express her own opinions at that time. Therefore, this matter became a permanent pain for Li Xiaoping, which could not be relieved for a long time.After losing her right eye, Li Xiaoping’s life became dark, not only for her eyes, but also psychologically and spiritually.Li Xiaoping received treatment in the hospital and was fitted with a prosthetic eye. Although she had no worries in daily use, the feeling of being different from ordinary people could not be dissipated. Therefore, Li Xiaoping was often ostracized by others, and she herself also hated and had anxiety and anxiety.Li Xiaoping is very strong, do not want other people’s sympathy, she wants to make a counterattack, but this situation is more and more serious, Li Xiaoping by criticism and strange eyes let her mental state is getting worse and worse, she is almost on the verge of collapse.Parents for the sake of their daughter’s mental health, but let her leave school for a period of time.Also because of her physical disability, Li Xiaoping could not find a good job after graduating from middle school. No one was willing to hire a disabled person, so she had to do odd jobs to make a living.Li Xiaoping hated the man who shot her in the eye. Every night when no one was around, she would shed tears and curse the man with ferocious looks.However, this was not the way. Li Xiaoping had to live. After failing to find a job for many times, her parents helped her and asked the affiliated factory of the school to recruit Li Xiaoping.However, she was also the most special one in the factory. People around her looked at her in a strange way. Although she didn’t say it explicitly, this feeling haunted Li Xiaoping’s heart for a long time and almost made her crazy.The consequences of visual impairment are clearly shown in the actual work. She is always slower than others, and the leader knows her condition and takes special care of her. While being grateful, Li Xiaoping still hates the man in her heart and often gnashes her teeth, wanting to kill him.Li Xiaoping’s age gradually came to the time for her to get married. The blind eye added countless obstacles to her. Many young men shook their heads when they saw the blind eye, but no one could persuade them.Li Xiaoping’s marriage has been delayed in this way, and no one is willing to accept her.Later, Li Xiaoping’s requirements became lower and lower. She was willing to marry as long as she didn’t mind her right eye.But even so, she couldn’t find the right man until she was 27.After matchmaking, the bachelor in another factory was willing to accept Li Xiaoping, ignoring her right eye.The man had a regular job, was honest and hardworking, and was nice except that he was older.Li xiaoping eventually chose the worker, and they got married to run a small family together.Married life is very dull, both of them are workers, have urban household registration, which is a very high-end configuration in that era, the couple did not have the idea of big rich big expensive, they guard their own small home, running to the front.Li Xiaoping got pregnant soon after her marriage and gave birth to her children. Such a life satisfied Li Xiaoping, and Shengdou Xiaomin was such a day.However, in Li Xiaoping’s heart, she asked herself more than once: What would life be like if I had not lost an eye?Unfortunately, there are no ifs in life. Li Xiaoping’s simple life continued in this way until the couple retired.The country has very good arrangement to old age retiree worker, husband and wife 2 people were distributed a housing not only, every month still has pension to be able to draw, a few children although do not have what great promise, but also do not need them to help too much, the life is completely passable.Until now, Li Xiaoping’s husband died, the children worried that Li Xiaoping could not take care of themselves, so they took her to their daughter’s home, on the one hand, it is convenient to support, on the other hand, Li Xiaoping can help take care of their grandchildren.It can be said that Li Xiaoping’s children are very filial, Li Xiaoping at this age can take care of life, surrounded by children and grandchildren, it is really a beautiful thing, making people envy.Li Xiaoping herself is also very happy, leisurely everyday, looks happy.However, old people always like to think, li Xiaoping is no exception, she sometimes often think of her past.The life that was hurt and disliked by everyone around her left a deep imprint on her heart. Now after so long, Li Xiaoping still cannot forget it.But even if you can’t forget what, Li Xiaoping’s age has been so big, the vast sea of people, and where to find once hurt their own people?Maybe things are so coincidentally, Li Xiaoping accidentally heard that the little boy’s father died, then as the son of the time he will certainly come to the scene, so Li Xiaoping wanted to find the trace of that man in the funeral hall, and then ready to seek revenge.Ready to revenge, the end of the drama rose in the heart of this idea, Li Xiaoping immediately began to take action, she took the chili powder, rushed to the boy’s door, want to wait for a rabbit.Li Xiaoping did not dare to speak out. She did not want to let others know her revenge plan. She could only wait at other people’s door sooner or later, and when the boy came over, sprinkled his face with pepper powder in her hands, so that he knew the pain of eye injury.But what Li Xiaoping did not think was that after so many years, the face of her enemy might have changed and she could not recognize him at all.And like her every day to other people’s door wandering appearance, has long caused suspicion of others, before she implemented the plan, was controlled, handed over to the public security department.After the police’s patient inquiry, Li Xiaoping told her plan, the people around were both laughing and crying, it must be how to hold a grudge to do such a thing ah.In others’ eyes, it may be ridiculous, but in Li Xiaoping’s opinion, she has suffered bitterness and pain for many years, but others cannot understand, let alone their own pain.See Li Xiaoping burst into tears, the police quickly stepped forward to persuade, Li Xiaoping took the opportunity to say their own years of experience, these words accumulated in the heart for too long, no one knows her pain.After wearing the artificial eye, Li Xiaoping has one more thing to do every day: scrub her artificial eye and eye cavity to ensure hygiene.After all, artificial eyes are foreign objects. Long-term use may affect the orbit. If not cleaned in time, local infection may be caused.The process of scrubbing the artificial eye was very scary. Li Xiaoping needed to remove the artificial eye, scrub the orbital secretions with a handkerchief, and rinse the artificial eye with water and wipe it carefully.When wiping, the right eye was completely blind, so bloody that it looked like a devil.This process was carried out every morning and evening. In order not to frighten her family, Li Xiaoping often hid herself in the bathroom and carried it out quietly.Such a process sounds creepy. Li Xiaoping has practiced it for sixty years. In such a long time, every time she scrubbed, Li Xiaoping would think of her enemy, and her hatred would surge in her heart.As Li Xiaoping is getting older and older, her vision in her left eye deteriorates rapidly and she is gradually unable to carry out daily life, which is even worse for Li Xiaoping, who already lacks one eye.Such a situation caused great trouble to Li Xiaoping. Some bumps in daily life were inevitable, and sometimes she even had bruises all over her body, so she needed help from others.However, Li Xiaoping had a stubborn personality and did not want to trouble others, which caused more troubles. In her later life, Li Xiaoping also had her own pains.It can be said that all kinds of small things in life remind Li Xiaoping of the harm she once suffered. This kind of long suffering makes Li Xiaoping very painful.Before, Li Xiaoping also had the idea of revenge, but she has been unable to find an enemy, the heart of anger nowhere to vent, this time finally let her catch the opportunity, she wants to carry out their revenge plan.In her own words, “I have been in pain for 60 years, and he has survived, and I want him to suffer blindness.Otherwise, when everyone is old, there won’t be time.”After the incident, the media rushed to the scene and interviewed not only Li Xiaoping’s children, but also wu Huayong, another protagonist of the incident and Li Xiaoping’s “enemy”.When asked about the incident, Wu did not think of it until the reporter reminded him.After understanding the process of the matter, Wu Huayong also sighed repeatedly. At the beginning, he was young and naive, and hurt others. He was also very guilty, but he thought the matter had passed, but did not expect Li Xiaoping to care so much about it.When asked about the recent situation of the time, the reporter this just know he is also very not easy.According to Wu Huayong’s description, he accidentally shot Li Xiaoping in the eye at the beginning. In order to compensate for the loss of their wealth, the family not only lost all their savings, but also borrowed a lot of foreign debts. Wu Huayong’s parents worked hard to earn money for the family, so the debt was paid back.At the beginning, the family was so poor that they could not even see a doctor and buy medicine for their younger brother.Wu Huayong himself because there was no way out, went to the army as a soldier, after retirement in the society to struggle, but also tasted the sufferings of the world.After a lifetime of hard work, old age life is not much good, the monthly pension can only barely enough, there are children are not easy, in short, very poor.Wu Huayong knew that he owed Li Xiaoping an apology. In the face of the reporter’s inquiry, he also regretted his recklessness and made a sincere apology to Li Xiaoping.On the other hand, After accepting the comfort of the police and her family, Li Xiaoping was also downhearted. After knowing Wu Huayong’s apology, she put an end to this matter.In fact, Li Xiaoping is not so cruel, her revenge tool is pepper powder, the heart just want to make him uncomfortable for a few days, let him not happy.Before the incident, she went to the community’s legal aid center to seek legal help, and only turned to such a solution when she realized it was impossible to use legal weapons.Without that accident, Li Xiaoping’s fate would have been changed, her life would have been happier, Wu Huayong’s family would not have been so poor, and everything would have changed.But since things have happened, then we can only continue to live, no longer to complain and blame too much, happy to play their own cards, live each day, this is what we should do.