Focusing the universiade | rong bao and ice mound mound, meet!

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On February 15, the universiade in chengdu to “double the city of Beijing” popping “~” colourful China “in the center of the 2022 Beijing news theme in sichuan, chengdu the universiade exhibit excellent appearance extremely bashu amorous feelings of the universiade series wen gen gathered in chengdu exhibition site attracted many Chinese and foreign journalists to” watch “the Beijing Olympics schedule already more than half in February 20Ended with more than 4 months after the 31st in chengdu summer universiade will stage “of youth about” this is another world held this year in our country comprehensive sports event into the exhibition hall main image displays, “the beauty of cultural exhibits, the” culture of aggregates exhibit “and” the culture of “interaction zone four areas in turn greeted with multimedia display, static ZhanChen respectively, fast screen shows, face to the audience in the form of interaction present a stereo comprehensive chengdu universiade “cultural space” Chinese and foreign reporters here in addition to the universiade torch, the mascot “rong bao” in-kind exhibits such as can also through bluetooth stereo, headphones and other interactive sound device appreciate the universiade theme songs of popularization in the intangible “tiger boom make yuanxiao” lands close feeling the puppet showSkill and qiang embroidery embroidery performances of sichuan intangible cultural charm in the “blessing of hand-painted universiade” experience writing his own dream and it’s worth noting that the wish of the universiade culture deep chengdu intangible “five golden flowers” — preface, shu embroidery, lacquer art, honeysuckle, silk and bamboo weaving also invites you to group gathered in the scene scene interaction close to feel the beauty of the chengdu intangible cultural and folk essence not onlyIt is a cultural display of Sichuan · Chengdu to the world, and also an opportunity for the world to know Sichuan · Chengdu