Nanfang Media released a new corporate culture concept and LOGO

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February 15, Nanfang Media released a new corporate culture concept and LOGO.Shoulder the mission of “xing culture into a good”, to “to be rooted in the culture of the lingnan, the service bay area, look around the world’s leading enterprise” as the vision, carry forward the “up to good work relentlessly resourceful” values – a new release of enterprise culture to coagulation hearts meet force, for the media to deepen reform, promote the development of high quality to provide spiritual power and cultural support.”Revitalizing culture” is the mission of southern media to adapt to the strategy of cultural power and take the initiative of providing high-quality culture as its own responsibility.To achieve beauty is to carry forward civilization, pass on strength, and provide rich spiritual sustenance to meet the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life.Nanfang Media is rooted in Lingnan and located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Nanfang Media will continue to carry forward Lingnan culture, help build the Cultural circle in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, tell stories of Guangdong, the Bay Area and China, and spread the voice of China.”Upward” is not only the social responsibility of spreading excellent culture, but also the spiritual state of keeping pace with The Times and vigorous.”To be good” requires individuals to establish themselves and their career by virtue, to shape integrity and kindness with a sound and cheerful spirit.Practice and practice, unity of knowledge and action.The new LOGO of Nanfang Media was released together, closely related to the enterprise mission, highlighting the determination and confidence of Nanfang Media to be the first.The “M” in the LOGO is like an arch bridge, implying that the main business of publishing media shoulders the role of communication, communication and connection, which contains the meaning of “thriving culture into beauty”.The white hollow part below the “M” is in the shape of a crown, and the right half is the Arabic number “1”, which means that the Southern media will become bigger and stronger and strive to be the first, in line with the vision of “becoming a cultural leader rooted in lingnan, serving the Bay Area and looking to the world”.The relevant person in charge of the southern media, said in a key period of the implementation of “difference” programme, southern media will stick to “four new lead, four-wheel drive” development ideas, to deepen the reform of the power, publishing business as the core, in order to do in order to develop into the key digital convergence, efforts to promote the development of high quality, build a new high ground, lingnan publishedWe will spare no effort to serve the construction of guangdong as a culturally strong province, the construction of “dual districts” and the construction of the two cooperation zones, and make new contributions to guangdong in the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.First trial: Chen Lin review: Zhang Weite final trial: Song Qiang