Enjoy reading the famous Chinese poems and sentences of the past dynasties

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51 language is not amazing dead endlessly — Du Fu “river value water as sea potential chat short” “language is not amazing dead endlessly” from Du Fu’s poem “river value water as sea potential chat short”, the whole poem is: for human nature and indulge sentence, language is not amazing dead endlessly.Old poems and muddy diffuse, spring to flowers and birds mo deep sorrow.A new sill was added for fishing, so the ship drifted in instead.How to think such as tao thank hand, so that the canal and swim together.It can be inferred that the poem was written in the late spring of the second year of Emperor Shangyuan (761) in tang Dynasty from the title of the poem “Water on the river is like the sea” and the lines of the poem “Flowers and birds don’t feel deep sorrow when spring comes”.At that time, Du Fu was 50 years old. After a life of displacement, he settled down in Chengdu Thatched Cottage.Facing the river, which is as vast as the ocean, the poet can not help but be excited to write, but at the moment, he has no clear theme, so he “chats short narration”, which means to write a few sentences briefly.This is a seven-word poem.The first couplet “for human nature is withdrawn indulge good sentence, language is not amazing dead endlessly”, his temperament is strange, addicted to write good verse, do not write amazing verse never give up.This is both the cause and the manifestation of “texting”.Eccentric in nature and disposition.I’m addicted to it.With the growth of age, writing poems is not as elaborate as at the beginning, but just perfunctory. When spring comes, flowers and birds are not as sad as they used to be.Diffuse and, deal with casually.Do not worry deeply, do not cause me deep sorrow.The neck “add new water sill for fishing, so the floating into the boat”, he installed a new railing in the water, for their leisure fishing, but also made a raft, instead of a boat.A sill, a railing at the water’s edge.Crouching, raft.At the end of the line, “How to think like tao thanked his hand, so that Qu narrates and travels with him”, hoping that tao Yuanming, Xie Lingyun, such a master of poetry, he accompany them to play, let them write good poems.Tao refers to Tao Yuanming.Xie refers to Xie Lingyun.Both were poets of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.The content of the whole poem does not show “water is like the sea power”. Ji Yun, a scholar of the Qing Dynasty, said that “the poem is not entitled to the title”.Some people defended Du Fu by saying: “The water is like the sea. Seeing this strange scene, I have no words. I can’t sing long words.”This is true.The whole poem is only about the clumsy, water only over.”Objectively speaking, among Du Fu’s works, this poem is indeed an ordinary one, but “the language is not surprising and the death is endless” shows the rigorous writing attitude of the poet saint and the persistent pursuit beyond ordinary people, also reveals the reason for Du Fu’s poetry to achieve high achievements, respected by later generations, and become a famous sentence.