Hao Li case | grass-roots party building work is very important, how should do specifically?

2022-06-09 0 By

Strengthening party building at the grassroots level is an inevitable requirement for fulfilling the party’s mission of governance.The building of primary-level Party organizations is a bridge and link between the Party and the people, and it is responsible for the sacred mission of uploading, organizing, implementing, building an image, and rallying people.Grassroots party builds the job so important, how should specific do?Hao Li suggested starting from the party branch conference room.In the past year, Hao Li helped nearly a thousand enterprises, organs, units and other smooth party construction work, let’s see!Beijing daxing radically New York party activity room Beijing shun xin X group in Beijing university training center in jiangsu province people’s procuratorate of seismological bureau of zhejiang province, gansu province party school party organization department of shenzhen chengdu institute of party cadres training base set hongyan story hall yuhuan municipal party committee party school of shanxi xiyang county party organizations in shaanxi zhengzhou X X enterprise party branch school with hao li plate structures, the party branch meeting conference room,Make party building study more intelligent and convenient.Only every grassroots party branch is sound and full of vitality, the whole party organization can be vigorous and energetic!