Not afraid to go wrong, afraid to pay the wrong heart

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The Buddha said, “If you tear your heart out because of a few beautiful words, you will benefit others and harm yourself.”One cannot be naive and self-righteous.There are always people in life who leave a lingering fragrance in their mouths.No amount of good words can be more than a simple sincere greeting.No amount of flattery is better than the courage to speak at the wrong time.The heart is not true, not the surface of how good to you, but in times of difficulty to support each other.The people who cherish you will never just talk about it, but will always be there when you need help.There is a saying that goes like this: “If you have a friend who has always been your best friend, please ask him to come back when you are in trouble.”If he’s still helping you out of nowhere, never let that friendship break.Feelings are not just talk, because we have reached the mature age, is no longer naive teenagers.Rolling world of mortals, gather gather scatter, too much impermanence.Many familiar with become strange, only accompany to the last is really.After all, people are different, can not be forced, only through running-in to heart for a lifetime.So the heart first know people, do not understand when the words only believe three points.Life is not afraid of going the wrong way, but is afraid of knowing the wrong heart. The so-called nausea can make a million robberies, robberies can hurt the heart.Let you more hypocrisy, I do not see everything is false.People in honesty, only from the heart to the heart, feelings can be more lasting.