Shoulder stretch

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Shoulder stretches include top dog, ear to shoulder stretch, puppy, cat and bull, back stretch, elbow stretch, hands behind stretch, pin open shoulder, wall down dog, cactus flip, side wall chest stretch, shoulder stretch, arm cross, etc.Ear-to-shoulder stretching: This stretch works the neck and shoulder muscles and can be done by anyone anywhere.Sit comfortably on the floor or chair with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed.Pull down to your chest and gently roll your right ear to your right shoulder.Place the fingertips of your left hand on your left shoulder and the fingertips of your right hand on your left ear.The pressure applied to the two contact points determines the depth of the stretch.After 5 breaths, switch sides and repeat.Sidewall chest stretch: This stretch relieves tension in the subscapularis and subscapularis muscles.Keep your right shoulder slightly away from the wall.Place your right arm behind you and place your hand on the wall so it’s shoulder aligned.Step closer to the wall and feel the extension of your right shoulder and chest.Then, gently rotate your chest outward to feel the intensity of the tension.Downwall Dog: This stretch relieves tension in the shoulders, chest and hips.Get away from the wall.Place your hands on the wall and align them with your hips.Then, walk backwards with your feet under your hips in an L shape.Continue pressing with your palms, slowly lowering your chest and abdomen toward the floor until you feel a stretch in your chest and shoulders.