Winter to go out to wear thick, try to add velvet coat, how to match pretty lovely

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Suitable for winter wear a coat or a little, where the special cold weather, many people are wearing only a down jacket will dare to go out, you can also try to add more velvet dress, like mink coat or is overcome, or lambs wool coat, and so on, add wool clothing in cold weather can also control the cold weather, to keep you warm.Go out in winter to wear thick, try to add velvet coat, how to match are very cute, velvet design and ordinary coat is different, texture looks special senior, the most important thing is to add velvet design looks a lot of gentle.The maomao temperament of different length also is different, the effect that can match comes out is met obviously a lot of complex.Don’t always wear down jacket in winter, learn from Song Yi to wear down jacket, temperament more fashionable and delicate.There are a lot of people who like to wear fleece designed clothes. I recommend you to try the fleece coat which will make your clothes become advanced and lovely.White coat lamb lambs even don’t like the mink coat this special showily temperament clothes, will also be liked for lambs wool coat, thought you lambs wool coat design is advanced, but will not have a special feeling, a short nap is not only the heat preservation effect is particularly good, also can wear a cute young effect.Lamb hair with white design, pure feeling more obvious, but also not particularly fat, so that slightly fat girls can easily wear a sense of high-grade and young temperament.Whether you want to look elegant or adorable, a white lamb coat can do the trick.The classic design of the coat style is generous, the long design shows elegant temperament, special high-grade dignified, can show the effect is also particularly delicate, with casual style after looking at is very atmospheric, with the skirt will become a lot of elegant.The long coat design, to a certain extent, reduced the fat effect of the nap, magnifying the advanced and capable temperament.Coat collar design is also particularly prominent, do not choose a particularly small collar, can better match a small face is also very advanced effect.The casual collocation recommends the fleece design so that the effect of the coat can be displayed will become more atmospheric and advanced. After the collocation of leisure clothing, the effect can be displayed is also quite fashionable, and it will show a more gentle and advanced effect.When matching casual clothes, most of the clothes can be matched with a fluffy white coat, to match a more artistic effect, you can choose to design retro jeans, to make the temperament more elegant and generous, or with sweaters, can show the temperament is also quite artistic.We don’t have to be too serious about the choice of color. It’s not necessary to choose a more advanced black and white color scheme. It’s also good to boldly try wearing a more lovely color scheme.Purple sweater and purple hat, with jeans and fluffy white coat, can present the effect will be more lively, pretty cute and artistic.The velvet design goes up with the competent and simple dress, can become a lot of grace, the more casual dress that goes up with the design is also very fresh and comfortable, belong to very versatile style design.Add wool coat analysis when you wear a coat lining and pile design is also good, if wearing a coat design is the design of outer layer and pile design, will be very easy to wear out the effect of fat, recommend at the time of collocation, show thin design, choose a few more small collar is not recommended, so there are oversized style also is not recommended.Other design of fleece coat neat compact fleece coat collar is smaller than the fleece coat, is not big collar fleece coat show small face effect is better, but this design looks more lively, used to match the simple design of casual clothing will be more beautiful.Like a cute single shoulder plus fleece bag, or casual black clothing and so on, sneakers are also matched with a small design of the coat will be more comfortable and natural.Compared with the fleece coat of shorts and the coat of long style, the fleece coat of short style will highlight the design of nap, showing the effect of cute too much, and it will appear particularly fat if you are not careful.Nevertheless add velvet short paragraph design, the temperament that presents can become melting a lot of, still can become lively and easy a few.Everyone in the collocation of colorful clothing, temperament especially energetic clothing, choose a short fleecy coat, can better match a pure and sweet effect.Black add velvet coat black add velvet coat to show the effect and light color completely different, can show the temperament showily also easy, have atmosphere feeling especially, also show thin effect better than light color coat much better.Black fleece coat if it is long hair, then with what style of clothing, can show the effect is quite advanced.Of course, choose a short style, but it is easier to match a cool aura.The coat that adds velvet is designed still very distinctive, have advanced aura already, still can show pure temperament, the person that wants collocation a bit more recommend the coat that chooses such a design.