Access is allowed to operate the business environment innovation in Shandong

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The original title: “access to the camp”, the innovation project association, shandong which doing business innovation is unreal in recent years, shandong on the reform of “right” as the main line, to do business innovation action, both “double hundred” project, and communities in government services to promote business environment continues to improve, the overall level of the business environment construction ranked the first phalanx.On February 7, the 2022 Work mobilization Meeting of Shandong Province was held in Jinan.Compared with previous “opening conferences”, the congress stressed that innovation should be placed at the core of overall development, and innovation should be strengthened in economic and social development, with the focus on the “ten innovations”.Among them, innovation in the business environment is an important part.What are the new measures to build a first-class business environment? Please see the exploration of These two places in Shandong province — easy approval, enterprise “access means quasi-operation” zibo:Yang Shudong, Li Zilu, our correspondent jiang Xingguo, “We filled in the letter of commitment, after submitting relevant materials, we got the labor dispatch business license on the spot, free from on-site verification, this is so amazing!”Recently, in zibo city government affairs service center comprehensive acceptance window, Shandong Jinling Mining Co., Ltd. Relevant person in charge wang Zhenxing said happily.The good experience of handling affairs of enterprise principals stems from the credit examination and approval reform of “commitment as entry” that Zibo city takes the lead in the whole province.In the past, due to the tedious approval process, information barriers between departments, etc., enterprises do more than run, multiple applications, “easy access to permit difficult”, “easy to do licenses difficult” has been a problem plaguing the development of market subjects, become convenient for enterprises to handle matters difficult, blocking point.Fan Guijun, director of Zibo Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, introduced that the credit examination and approval “promises to enter”, that is, the applicant’s credit status is good and when handling some examination and approval items with controllable risks, the applicant’s commitment has reached or reached the examination and approval conditions within a certain time limit. The examination and approval department is exempt from or will conduct on-site verification afterwards and issue the results on the spot.”We have deepened the reform of delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation and providing services, and made full use of new technologies such as the Internet and big data. Applicants are not required to provide any application materials that can enable data sharing or departmental verification, so that market entities will be allowed to enter the market.”Fan Guijun introduced that the first 58 “promise immediately enter” items, a total of 111 applications for enterprises and the masses.The reform of “commitment as soon as entry” adopts three modes: “one form as soon as entry”, “filing as soon as entry” and “first entry before posteriori”.Among them, the reform of “one table, one entry” is very popular.For administrative examination and approval items with single handling links, concise application materials and low risk, Zibo city implements “entry in one form”, integrating application conditions, acceptance materials and commitment contents into a form of Application Commitment.Instead of having to submit a lot of documents, applicants fill out a single form.According to the introduction, 10 items were implemented in the mode of “one form and one entry”, and 22 application materials were reduced, with a material reduction rate of 68.8%.In addition, the “promise as soon as you enter” reform also determines the approval process according to the level of risk.For the low degree of risk, through in-process and post-process supervision can correct the behavior not in line with the business license conditions, the implementation of the “record on entry”;For administrative power matters with general risk level and which can effectively prevent risks through in-process and post-process supervision, “first in, then out” will be implemented.Since the implementation of the credit approval “commitment to enter” reform in July last year, zibo city has handled a total of 20,341 business.After the reform, application materials, handling procedures and examination and approval time have been cut by more than 30%, 40% and 80% respectively.This year, it is expected to reduce the number of application materials for applicants by more than 150,000 and exempt them from on-site inspections for more than 20,000 times, greatly reducing institutional transaction costs for applicants.Secretary Gan Dang “Second in command” project two capital increase in Jiaozhou in three years:In huangzhang Road, Yanghe Town, Jiaozhou city, the narrow road between Jiaozhou Huangdao And Zhitie has been widened to six lanes of 42.5 meters, and the speed has been increased from 60 kilometers to 80 kilometers.”The road was specially widened for yihai Kerry (Qingdao) Food Industrial Park.”Yin Shifei, director of the reconstruction project, said, “The industrial park was built in three phases. After the completion of the project, more than 1,500 transport vehicles entered and left the park every day. The original road could not handle such a large logistics demand, so we started the reconstruction project, and 40 percent of the construction volume was completed in three months.”Yihai Kerry (Qingdao) Food Industrial Park is invested and constructed by Wilmar International, a fortune 500 company in Singapore. It is one of the comprehensive food parks with the most comprehensive investment categories in China.Recently, the 16th joint meeting of Yihai Kerry Project was held smoothly.At the meeting, the project side will meet the recent sewage treatment plant transformation and capacity upgrading, adding tap water interface and other issues with Yanghe town on-site docking.Yanghe town responsible for comrade one by one claimed the work task, said the first time to help enterprises to solve the practical problems encountered.”I am the general convenor of the joint meeting, and the party secretary of the town is the deputy convenor.We were very surprised and moved by gan Dang, secretary of the Party and the second in command.”Speaking of this joint meeting system, Yihai Kerry (Qingdao) food Industrial Park general manager Xu Yongjun is very feeling, “The reconstruction and expansion of Huangzhang Road is put forward by me at the joint meeting.”It is the first time in Jiaozhou to set up a joint meeting system for a project, which makes things more convenient for enterprises and gives them more support.”Yanghe town Party secretary Shi Minggao said.Not long ago, Yihai Kerry project went to Jiaozhou Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau to apply for three construction project planning permits.The Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval launched the Green Channel, implemented precise services, and took measures such as informing and promising to provide full assistance to the project. It only took one hour to complete the procedures that could only be completed in the past two days.From us $300 million to US $1 billion and then to US $1.8 billion, yihai Kerry project was established in Jiaozhou in less than three years and has carried out two capital increases.”The business environment here is good, and there are many innovative measures to help enterprises solve practical difficulties.”Xu Yongjun introduced that the project is expected to complete the first phase of construction and put into production this year, the second phase and the third phase of the project are in smooth and orderly progress, the follow-up will be the fourth phase of the project contact research.It is reported that 5 companies of Yihai Kerry project have registered in Jiaozhou and received 172 million USD of foreign capital.”Improving the business environment is a never-completed project. We will always put entrepreneurs in the C-position and strengthen their confidence in investment.””In the future, yanghe Town will provide full-cycle services, whether it is the establishment of a company or project approval,” Said Shi minggao.