Feicheng Rural Commercial Bank has implemented separate post management accounts to promote the improvement of marketing quality and efficiency

2022-06-10 0 By

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of marketing, Feicheng Rural Commercial Bank adheres to the idea of stratified and classified marketing, focuses on the marketing of existing customers, and actively carries out the work of post management and account management relying on the smart marketing system to continuously improve customer value and stickiness.It combined with the actual situation, timely revised the feicheng agri-businesses bank customer classification and points of private duty executive of dislocation marketing implementation plan, set points duty executive performance measures, implementing measures, evaluation incentive, timely organize customer classification points duty executive interpretation can work, to convey file spirit to each employee, he unified thought up and down.Internal trainers were organized to check the development of the work of job division and post management and the work of counselors. The inspection method was mainly by referring to the registration book of customer stratification, classification and post management of each post to carry out customer return visit and reading the marketing logs of the smart marketing system, so as to cross-verify the effectiveness of the work.Targeted development and design of courses, counseling each position to be able to “work, willing to work, do a good job” in the management work.The head office has established a monthly notification mechanism for the management of different posts, analyzed the grid performance of the management of different posts through the smart marketing system, and supervised the work effectiveness of all branches. The results of the work are applied to the special assessment of the management of different posts, actively carried out the management of different posts, and promoted the improvement of marketing quality and efficiency.