In the eyes of the Kuomintang generals who suppressed the Red Army’s Long March, how about the Red Army’s long March?Why did they win?

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As a sensational event in history, the Long March has always been a spiritual pillar to encourage generations of Chinese people to forge ahead.In the Long March of the Red Army, the Kuomintang has also been encircled and suppressed the Red Army, but it is still the Red Army that won the long March in the end.What were the key elements of victory in the Red Army’s Long March?Why did you win against such odds?The long March’s long route and long span of time directly led to a variety of very difficult to overcome the difficulties of the Long March, many people died in the process.After the long March, those who survived accumulated a great deal of practical experience in overcoming such difficulties, and almost all of them became the main forces of the Communist Party later and won great glory on the battlefield.Why did you embark on this difficult road?Why take the hard option?How difficult was the Long March?Looking back at the history, we know the good intentions of the leaders at that time and the importance of this choice.In 1934, the Fifth “counter-encirclement and suppression” battle plan did not accurately grasp the key points of the engagement between the two sides, resulting in the Red Army retreat.This defeat brought heavy losses to the Red Army and the Soviet area, and made the Kuomintang army occupy an absolute advantage in encircled and suppressed campaigns. The Red Army did not have the strength to suppress back. In order to get rid of encircled and suppressed campaigns, the Red Army moved northward to resist Japan and began a strategic shift.So the Long March was not something the troops wanted to go, but something they were forced to do.The most difficult part of the journey was not the harsh natural conditions, but the fact that the kuomintang and Japanese troops were on guard against surprise attacks on the already rough and poorly supplied march.The long journey was exhausting, but without adequate logistics, always underfed and underdressed, and wary of enemy attacks, many of them ended up on the march for good.But the Long March did preserve the power of the Communist Party, which could still compete with the Kuomintang.We are familiar with the intensity of dadu river, the story of seizing Luding Bridge is also in this period of time, the Red Army with their firm spiritual strength to overcome the reality of suffering, only continue to move forward, the Communist Party will have hope, victory will have hope.The Zunyi Conference became an important turning point, which put the Communist Party back on the right track and gave the Red Army hope of victory.With the right guidance, the Red Army soon won a crucial victory and broke away from the Kuomintang.The situation developed in a good direction. In a series of victories, the Red Army completed the Long March and achieved an overall victory.During the long March competition, both sides saw each other’s strengths and advantages. What was the Organization of the Red Army during the Long March in the eyes of the Kuomintang?A distinctive feature of the Communist Party is that it has a very good relationship with the people. In many battles, it has been strongly supported by the people, and even would rather sacrifice their lives than tell the enemy the whereabouts of the Red Army.The reason for this was simple: Communist party discipline demanded that no one in the army take any hint from the masses.The Communists managed to do this despite being desperately short of supplies during the Long March.And the “peer” foil makes the people more firmly support the Communist Party.Wherever the Kuomintang went, it was accompanied by burning, killing and looting, which made the people tremble with fear.Did Chiang kai-shek not realize this?No, Chiang even banned it by decree.So the difference in execution, the Communist party’s strict obedience, strict discipline and good style of work were impossible to refute and put to shame.The communist party is also admired by its enemies for its unshakeable moral strength and indomitable ability to fight.Opponents are often the most intuitive to see where the other’s strengths lie.Kuomintang generals who had fought the Communists during the Long March often lamented this astonishing fortitude.Hu Zongnan is one of them.As a strong general of kuomintang, Hu Zongnan’s appearance is an important task.Chiang hoped that Hu zongnan would wipe out the main force of the Red Army.Hu zongnan combined with the local terrain, hoping to use up the physical strength of the Red Army by blocking and confronting them head-on. If there was not enough physical strength, the Red Army would abandon its original route.That way, we’ll go into the whole set he set up.But what he did not think of is that these long time without rest, has been on the road of the Red Army, there is such a strong combat ability, the front and the Red Army of the army was routed.Hu zongnan was puzzled, but faced with Chiang’s orders, he had to think of other ways.Before he could come up with an effective way of fighting, the Red Army began its counterattack and hu zongnan was chased down.The Red Army went on the long March after the war.Hu Zongnan’s troops were beaten in pieces, in order to adhere to the command of old Jiang, Hu Zongnan can only continue to boldly continue to pursue the Communist army.But because the environment is very bad, Hu Zongnan’s army did not have a direct confrontation with the Communist party, died of death, run away.The Red Army, on the other hand, continued to advance under even more difficult conditions.The Kuomintang could not survive in this place, while the Red Army insisted on moving forward without sleep.No war can be easily won. In a war as complicated as the Long March, many factors contributed to victory.Most important of all, the Party has a cadre of strong-minded warriors.The most fundamental component of war is still soldiers, and the soldiers of the Red Army are loyal to the Communist Party.They resolutely obey the orders of the Party, adhere to every discipline, have no fear of life and death, and put the interests of the people first.With such a strong team, will be invincible, because they are not fighting for themselves, they carry the hope of the country, is the hope of the nation, they know that only the victory of the Communist Party will bring the hope of a happy life to the people.Another important reason is proper command.No matter how powerful an army is, without proper command it can be completely defeated.The long March began because of poor command.The Meeting of Zunyi promptly reined in the mistakes and let the great man assume this responsibility.Many of the great men cleverly combat methods, the army to play the maximum force, let people sigh.04 Summed up the Long March is a great feat, is the ancestors with flesh and blood building up the spirit of the Long March, their sacrifices and efforts have not been in vain, so that opponents and the world have seen the efforts of the Communist Party, see the communist Party of adhere to.A good player is respected by his opponents.Even in the eyes of the Kuomintang, the Communist Party was excellent.The Communist Party that the Kuomintang admires is a communist party that loves the people, has iron discipline and can win battles. These advantages are advantages of the Party’s forces not only at that time, but even now. If we continue to maintain them, we will have a better future.