Is class 11 really coming?Unpack to expose “monk” related content

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For this year’s Spring Festival, Hearthstone once again put on the shelves several skins with Chinese characteristics, such as The Three Kingdoms series of tavern chess, as well as a number of skins that build patterns.Those of you who have played world of Warcraft next door should be familiar with the theme of the skins that build the mode. These are actually the four gods mentioned in Pandaria, the green Dragon, rosefinch, white Tiger, The Dark ox, and the Demon Ancient and the Demon.While everyone else is in drag, the Druid is white Tiger Snow Fury and has full special skin.Will the white tiger and xuan niu in a collection, meaning words old (year of the ox) welcome the new (year of the tiger), this is the legend of “high emotional intelligence” collection?(It’s worth mentioning that after today, the White Tiger Skin collection will be removed.) In the warcraft setting, pandaria’s pandas worship four gods, and the monk class can also borrow the power of the gods and temporarily summon them to assist in battle.It can be said that these people are inextricably linked with the panda and the monk.Just recently, a big man unpacked and looked at xue Nu’s full voice, there is an uninstalled voice is very interesting.Our destiny is full of glory.It doesn’t look like much, but this is the opening sound, and it’s for Monk, which is what we often suspect is class number 11, the Monk.Yes, this uninstalled voice is probably the biggest evidence that the new professional monk will be installed soon.Another suggestion from mung Bean, the camp elder, is that the Monk might be an abbreviation for monkey, but the monkey he had in mind was also the Monkey King of Pandalia, also associated with the martial Monk.Now if you think back to all the messages of this time, it seems that a lot of them are alluding to pandans and Pandalia.First, in a designer Q&A, Celestalon, the current balance designer, mentioned that the Hearthstone team felt that 11 classes would still be better than 10.Since the team feels better, does that mean the “good” is coming?There was also a questionnaire survey of hearthstone ornaments, which involved two ornaments, one was an attack effect, the other was a brand new chessboard.Among them, the new board “Jade Garden” is pandalia-themed.Not only can you see auspicious clouds, jade and marble statues.There is also pandarean paw print pattern, which has added as many pandarean and pandarean elements as can be added.At the end of June last year, there was a questionnaire in the mercenary mode on the Internet. In early October, the mercenary mode was launched, which was about three months later.The questionnaire about jewelry appeared in the middle of January, and if the same time is calculated as about three months, it should be put on the shelves in April.April is also the date when the new version will be released.Assuming the new version comes with a Pandalia-themed accessory, the theme of the new version is self-evident.Finally, in February last year, on the first anniversary of the demon Hunter class, Iksar spoke positively about new classes, saying that they usually take a year to develop.And there was no development plan at that time. Now one year has passed and we are about to usher in the new Hearthstone year. So this year, will it be the year of Pandaria, pandaman and monk?Of course, all of this is limited to the imagination, and even if White Tiger has unpublished spoken text, it could be a pre-arranged arrangement by the Hearthstone team.Remember, when N ‘Zoth skin was launched in October 2020, there were two unimplemented voices at that time, one with Ms. Prestow, in July 2021, black Dragon sister’s skin was implemented, and the other was with Azsara, which is still not implemented…Last month, when asked what could be in store for Hearthstone in 2022 besides a new version, Iksar responded with a meaningful meme.If there really is a surprise this year, that brand of sauce hope that the name of the surprise, called the monk.