MINISO proposes content co-creation, which is mutually expressed with generation Z

2022-06-10 0 By

In recent years, the new Z era, represented by the post-1995 generation, has spawned a new cultural ecology, which is often referred to as circle culture. Behind this cultural phenomenon is the expression of this generation of young people’s pursuit of self-expression. In their social concept, they can play together as long as they have common interests and topics.In this context, the “attention economy” focusing on Generation Z group is also gradually developed.Is representative of all merit goods MINISO “consumption”, we from the name of merit goods MINISO consumers can see in the picture, the main consumer groups belong to the students and young white-collar women, more than sixty percent of users are under 30 years old of age, in their bills, were all “layers” this two word,It is the rise of this social trend in circles that makes interest consumption popular.According to data from the Contemporary Young People’s Hobbies survey, thousands of participants provided more than 800 terms to describe their hobbies. In addition to the more conventional literary hobbies such as music, photography and reading, there were many less traditional content such as escape rooms, drama killing and fun.It is worth mentioning that the study also pointed out that young people like to meet new friends through consumer groups, which means linking interests and consumption and promoting a new way of socializing, which coincides with the “interest consumption” advocated by Minisop.And in the consumer to upgrade now, young people pursue life more sense of ceremony, interest in layered also gradually revealed, starting from the previous “people looking for cargo” change to “goods for someone”, interest in the concept of consumption is that all products can be according to the user’s interest to re-do it, through the interest to create products, and after the product promotion stage,MINISO will also obtain real feedback from users in real time, and further optimize and upgrade products based on users’ pain points, so that users can have a better experience.For example, Minsk X Disney Classic Strawberry Bear IP, from development to launch, is selected by voting results of private domain users, and the subsequent pre-sale is also based on private domain member ecology to fully tap the interests and experience of consumers.Therefore, as soon as it was launched, it immediately exploded all major networks, dominating multiple social platforms, exposing more than 200 million online, and GMV exceeded 2 million on the first day of the live broadcast.Miniso strikes while the iron is hot, and has successively reached strategic cooperation with more than 80 IP rights around the world. Currently, minISO owns more than 8000 core SKUs, and the average number of skUs in stores is about 3000. It deeply focuses on the interests of consumers, reshapes the good relationship with consumers, and realizes the two-way visit with generation Z!