School | “embrace the Winter Olympics, dazzle movement universiade” the first day of school chengdu baby moved up!

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Cover news Reporter Liu Haoyang On February 17, primary and secondary schools in Chengdu ushered in the first day of school.In the winter Olympic Games, universiade is about to be held, in order to help children feel the spirit of sports, participate in sports, help chengdu universiade.Chengdu Longjiang Road Primary School held the opening ceremony with the theme of “Embrace the Winter Olympics, dazzle the Universiade”.”Over the winter break, I was inspired by the Chinese athletes who kept making history in the Winter Olympics.”This winter holiday, many children watched the Winter Olympic Games.At the opening ceremony, children used their own performances to show what they learned about ice and snow sports through the Winter Olympics.”During the recent winter holiday, I visited the Universiade village and was very impressed by the facilities.”Under the organization of longjiang Road Primary School, some children visited Universiade Village in winter vacation. At the opening ceremony, the children introduced universiade village in their eyes to the teachers and students of the whole school.In the afternoon, some students will go to Dongan Lake Sports Park to participate in the first class of the new term. They will run in Dongan Lake and visit the outdoor area of the Universiade.Children at Longjiang Road Primary School in Chengdu were given exercise assignments and exercise manuals at the beginning of the winter vacation.According to Tang Yueyue, director of moral Education at the school, children are required to clock in for two hours a day during the winter vacation, which is divided into two parts. One is basic sports, such as running and skipping, to improve their physical fitness.Another part of the requirements of children in the winter Olympic sports and universiade seven items in the selection of their favorite, willing to try sports to learn, to participate in the games.”Beyond self, achieve dreams” is the spirit of sports that the opening ceremony of Longjiang Road Primary School wants to convey to the children.”In the Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes are achieving one historic transcendence after another. Transcendence is the spirit of the Winter Olympics that we want children to know.”Tang yueyue said that achieving her dream is a response to the upcoming Chengdu Universiade.”We hope that today’s opening ceremony will be a starting point for our children to participate in the Universiade. Through the opening ceremony, our children will ignite their enthusiasm and expectations for sports and develop a good habit of sports.”