13 days!Xinxian investigated 102 cases of drunk driving

2022-06-11 0 By

In order to further maintain road traffic safety during the Spring Festival travel rush and Spring Festival, we will do our best to prevent alcohol-related road traffic accidents, ensure the continuous stability of road traffic safety during the Spring Festival, and ensure that the masses have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.In recent days, the Traffic police in Xinxian county have been deployed in strict accordance with the unified arrangement of superiors, and have continued to carry out special rectification actions for drunk driving in xinxian County.Feb. 1-13 JCP investigate drunk driving 102 87 drunken driving drunk, drunk driving 15 left left left in the group according to the characteristics of a drunken driving and drunk driving district road, regulation of illegal activities, focus on key sections, the key period of time, reasonable arrangement of deployed forces, adopt the principle of combining fixed-point patrol inspection with flow, to combat the illegal behaviour of stakeholders of wine.During the war and make full use of the alcohol tester, police law enforcement recorder and other law enforcement equipment, strict standard to examine of vehicles, a careful test for allegedly involved in the wine personnel, determined to be seized, punishment and education together, ensure drunk driving and drunk driving is investigated to cover all the time, the whole section, the driver let drink driving be “can’t touch, afraid to touch the high tension line.At the same time, the police on duty have widely publicized the serious consequences and harmfulness of drunk driving to the past drivers to further enhance the awareness of drivers to consciously abide by road traffic laws and regulations from the source to eliminate the hidden dangers of road traffic safety in this traffic police tip:New Year’s drinking is inevitable, no matter what the situation is to remember “drink don’t drive, drive don’t drink”, refuse drunk driving is responsible for yourself and your family, don’t take any chances, violate the bottom line of the law, if you break the law, Shu shu will check.Source: Xinxian Traffic police Brigade