Jungle infiltration, scout hardcore attack!

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The author | “, sinky Recently, the Tibet military area command a brigade at an altitude of 3000 meters nyenchen tanglha hinterland, organization reconnaissance team training on many subjects.It is not easy to penetrate into the target area and complete the reconnaissance task under the condition of heavy load in the plateau area with high mountains and dense forests and complicated terrain.In the face of unknown “enemy situation” and complex environment, the scouts determined their marching route and began to advance to the depths of the jungle.In the course of marching according to map, without the help of information equipment, scouts can only search for target points in the deep forest with the help of compass and map, which poses great challenges to the basic skills of scouts in map reading and map using.On the way, an ice wall with a height of nearly 15 meters and a slope of nearly 70 degrees blocked the team’s way forward.Time is pressing, small captain Li Shengxin took the lead in climbing, for the comrades behind the establishment of a protection station, the players followed, in turn to climb the ice wall.Closer to the designated area, scouts are more cautious, trying to get relevant information and infiltrating the target in a variety of ways.After more than 5 hours, the reconnaissance team overcame the plateau hypoxia, broke through the body limit, arrived on time, did not have time to rest, a battle is about to start…Editor: Yang Chaosheng ye Qiang Editor: Sun Liang Editor: Luo Yuwei Huang Junding Number of sessions: the 992nd Issue hosted by the Political Work Department of the Western Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (wechat account: XBZQFB