Shen Yiren, former VICE president of OPPO: Everything is good except heavy

2022-06-11 0 By

When it comes to ceramic phones, Xiaomi may be the first company that comes to mind.Indeed, since the mi 5 Premium edition launched in 2016 with the first use of 3D ceramic back cover, it has set off a wave of ceramic in the ring, and the later release of mi MIX is to let everyone feel the unique touch brought by ceramics.Since then, ceramic has become standard in every generation of MIX, and OPPO has started using ceramic in its flagship phones.Today, OPPO officially announced that the Find X5 series, the latest addition to the Find series, will be released worldwide at 7pm on February 24th, and will also be made of ceramic, according to the official release.OPPOFind X5 series in response to this news, the former VICE president of OPPO Shen Yiren wrote: “Objectively speaking, the ceramic material used in mobile phones has no other shortcomings except the weight, warm and delicate temperament and not easy to scratch the physique.In his view, the biggest problem with ceramics is that it’s hard to control the weight, but other than that, it’s much better than other common materials like metal, glass and plastic in both feel and hardness.Although this shen Yiren’s words inevitably for the old club platform suspicion, but it does not sound any problem.It is reported that in addition to the integrated nano microcrystalline ceramic material, the upcoming OPPOFind X5 series will also be the world’s first Mediatek Phecda 9000 chip, which also uses a 2K LTPO 120Hz hole curved screen, built-in 5000mAh battery,Support 80W fast charging and 50W wireless charging.