Yafu Market Supervision Office in Chaohu city, Anhui Province, launched a campaign to promote “March 15” International Consumer Rights Day

2022-06-11 0 By

In order to further standardize the market order, strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests, March 15 morning, Anhui Province Chaohu City Yafu market supervision in the area of the launch of “3·15” international consumer rights day publicity activities, this year’s publicity theme is “to promote fair consumption enjoy anhui Consumption”.The decoration of publicity consulting desk, the distribution of publicity materials and other forms, to the masses in the past to publicize the “Protection of consumer rights and Interests”, “Food Safety Law”, “Drug administration Law” and other laws and regulations, on-site teaching fake and shoddy product identification methods, to answer the relevant consumer rights and interests questions raised by the masses;Strengthen and promote legal knowledge through sending law into campus, sending law into enterprises and sending law into the market.The activity issued a total of more than 500 copies of various publicity materials, accept on-site consumption consultation 60 people.In addition, the institute has organized and set up a special law enforcement team, which will carry out special law enforcement inspection according to the problems exposed by the “March 15” party, effectively purify the market environment in the area, and jointly promote fair consumption.(Correspondent Pei Jingjing)