NBA trading day: 31 stars on 16 teams, nets trade Harden 2 for 5, Lakers trade 0

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The NBA trade deadline officially closed at 4am Beijing time on February 11.According to statistics, in the NBA today, a total of 6 big deal, involving 16 teams, including the bucks, piston, the clippers, the king, the spurs, the raptors, east 17 crown, magic, the nets, Philadelphia, phoenix, the pacers, wizards, lone ranger, the hornets, the rockets, etc., including 31 players change team, no doubt,The NBA championship landscape has changed.It is worth mentioning that the Los Angeles Lakers, which has attracted a lot of attention, is another 0 trade.Bucks get ibaka, 2 second-round picks, cash Pistons get Bagley Clippers get Hud ‘Ojeli Kings get Divenzo, Josh Jackson, Lyles The bucks are the biggest winners in this trade, getting versatile inside forward Ibaka, who can open up space for Antetokounmpo.Also, a healthy Ibaka can start or come off the bench, giving the Bucks an overall defensive upgrade.The Bucks made a lot of money this time, and they look very likely to defend their title.The Kings, on the other hand, only got a handful of regular rotation players by sending out the no. 2 pick in Bagley, and with the release of hiard and Halliburton, the Kings have a dual core of Fox and Junior Sabonis, but it will be difficult for them to make the playoffs.The Spurs traded Thaddeus Young, Eubanks and a 2022 second-round pick from the Pistons in a 3-for-2 deal.Raptors give away: Dragic, protected 2022 pick (lottery protection, 13th pick in 2023 if the 2022 draft doesn’t materialize, and a future second-round pick if it doesn’t materialize).SAN Antonio traded Thcedis Young as a tax dodge. The spurs have amassed nine first-round picks over the next seven years, and the emergence of another “Thunder” team in the West has made it clear that the Spurs want to rise through the draft.And the Raptors gave away Dragic and traded the draft picks to avoid taxes.The Raptors are an Eastern conference playoff team, built around Siakam and Van Vleet.The 17th Eastern Conference champions gave away dozier, Pohl, a second-round pick and cash. The Magic gave away dozier, pohl, a second-round pick and cash.Stevens is also a smart CEO, and he has made some good deals since he took over, as good as Ainge.Philadelphia sends Simmons, Steph Curry, Draymond, two first-round picks Without a doubt, the biggest trade of the day was Harden’s move to Philadelphia, which has changed the NBA landscape.A combination of Harden and Embiid would put Philly closer to a championship. Embiid and Embiid are both MVP-caliber stars, and as long as they have chemistry, it’s going to be a problem for the other teams in the title race.Harden has decided to exercise his player option for next season and seems to have already decided to play with Embiid.But in Philly, who’s in charge?That needs to be clear.The Nets are the favorites with Durant and Irving, and they’re even better with Simmons, Steph curry and other core players.The 17th Eastern Conference champions traded for 1: Josh Richardson, Longford and a protected 2022 first-round pick (top 4 picks protected) The Spurs sent: Derek White The 17th Eastern Conference champions made their second trade of the day, acquiring the Spurs’ core player in White.White, who is averaging 14.4 points and 5.6 assists per game, will make his new team’s bench even better.The phoenix SUNS traded jaylen Smith, second-round pick Craig to the Indiana Pacers in a 2-for-1 deal that left no winner or loser.The SUNS get Craig, who is a great defensive player and will probably be reused, even if Craig is average, it won’t affect the SUNS ‘championship chances.The Pacers, on the other hand, get draft picks and aim to rebuild.7. The Wizards traded 1 for 3 for the Hornets.Vernon – cary, ismail Smith, second round picks the wizards off well harrell, actually it is easy to understand, also the wizards record has slipped to 11th in the east, the playoffs hope is small, and Mr. Harrell now trade value is relatively high, can change two players + draft picks, is also very good.And the Hornets run to the playoffs, harrell and Oubre backup duo, will be very interesting.Eight, the wizards loner in 2 wizards send: dinwiddie, bear tans lone ranger team sent out: Bohr burgess, tianjin, the mind of the second round sign the wizards to rebuild already very clear, in addition to the bill, and libraries to the horse, as long as is a good player, all will be trading contract, and off central defender dinwiddie, and that kind of surprise.The Mavericks were disappointed with Porzingis, who is a glass man who is not expected to play, and doncic needs consistent stars around him. Dinwiddie is good, and Bertans is a great shooter.It was a 1-for-0 deal. The SUNS took advantage of saric’s injury exception to get Aaron Holiday’s contract. The Wizards freed up space and the SUNS acquired another quality player.The Rockets and the Eastern Conference champions reached a 1-for-1 deal in which Schroder went to the Rockets and Tess played for the eastern conference champions.It was a trade deadline deal, done by the Rockets.