Positioning super Mi 12 Pro!Mi 12 Supreme edition first revealed: upgrade snapdragon 8 Plus, SEE Q3

2022-06-12 0 By

L2S certified model 2206122SC, polished qualcomm’s latest SM8475 processor.Positioned higher than mi 12 Pro, expected to debut in Q3 this year.In last year’s Mi 11 series, there was no model named S, while in the previous year’s Mi 10 series, there was a model named J1S, which was eventually named mi 10 Supreme Commemorative Edition, the blogger said.It has been confirmed that it will not be the Mi 12 Pro, but will have a higher positioning and a stronger chip. It is likely to be called the mi 12 Supreme, or as a minor upgrade for the second half of the year, called the Mi 12S Pro.Qualcomm SM8475 will be a Snapdragon 8 made with TSMC’s 4nm process. The overall architecture may not change much, but the high frequency may be improved again, and the extreme performance will be enhanced. Currently, it is widely known as the snapdragon 8 Plus.It should be noted that the aircraft may not be the same as the Mi 12 Ultra, which has been widely rumored on the Internet.As revealed, the Mi 12 Ultra is a snapdragon 8 supersized model, and the main enhancements will be in graphics, rather than snapdragon 8 Plus upgrades.Previously, sources said the Mi 12 Ultra would not debut until after the Redmi K50’s official release, which is currently believed to be in mid-to-late March.As such, the Mi 12 Ultra is likely to debut around May.