Salute to Chinese Winter Olympic athletes!”Super China” super fixed point competition shaanxi Aoshan successfully held!

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The scene of the competition played shehuo, Hanfu fairy group competition……On February 19th, one day before the closing of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a brain skiing competition with strong Chinese style and authentic Shaanxi flavor — Bank of China Visa Card Cup Super fixed point Ski Open Competition — Ao Tai Kai Games was successfully held at Aoshan Ski Resort in Shaanxi Province.With the theme of “Winter Olympics with me, Snow and ice shine”, the super Dianaoshan race attracted more than 300 participants from Shaanxi and other parts of the country.It was also one of the biggest ski events of the season in central and western China, led by world champion gymnast Nancy Liu.This fire all over the country, China’s original national ski race ushered in another event upgrade.AoShan race point design combining with the characteristics of qinling mountain, the difficulty is improved, the design of the route is very test the contestants ability, team tactics and coasting ability, some point design is very clever, players need to be over the few knee deep snow climbing to hit, at the same time point design also slide, climbing characteristics of single and double plate, participants need to slide a dozen kilometers,In order to finish all the points, it is called the “little cross-country marathon” in the alpine skiing world.There were more than 20 points in the public group and 18 points in the parent-child group.On the day of the race, the snow was flying and the visibility was poor. The powder snow over the mountains reduced the speed of the skiing and made the race enter the “hard mode”.After more than four hours of fierce competition, “Tsinghua Snow Lion Team 6″ from Lanzhou won the parent-child group champion with a time of 1 hour, 22 minutes and 40 seconds, 5 seconds ahead of the second place.”Please Aoshan Good Snow Pressure Team” from Xi ‘an won the champion of the Public group easily with a time of 1 hour, 10 minutes and 24.3 seconds. The top three of the public group will be directly promoted to the elite group to participate in the Beidhu Grand Final-All-People Star Grand Ceremony on February 26.This is the third time for Tsinghua Primary School from Lanzhou to participate in the competition. The principal personally led 8 teams to participate in the competition, and 4 teams won prizes. In order to ensure the result, the children of Tsinghua Snow Lion Sharp Knife Team 1, who ranked second in the parent-child group, clocked all the points twice, which reflected the intrepidity of fighting spirit.Aoshan station is supported by Shaanxi Winter Sports Management Center and organized by Baoji Sports Bureau, Taibai County People’s Government and Shaanxi Aoshan Resort Ski Resort.Chair a deputy governor of the bank of China, shaanxi province, China group vice President of China sports venue association secretary-general Feng Jinhu, shaanxi provincial sports bureau level researcher wang qiang, cheng-jun liu, deputy director of the winter sports management center in Shanxi Province sports bureau chief of baoji Ren Xiaokang, taibai hong-bin zhang, chairman of and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.As a benchmark event in the national mass snow and ice season of the General Administration of Sport of China, super point is supported and promoted by the General Administration of Sport of China, The Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee and forces from all walks of life. After eight years of continuous improvement, it has become a phenomenon head skiing event in China and an annual carnival ceremony that Chinese skiers must punch their time card.In 2019, it was invited by the Finnish government to open the overseas competition mode to show the vitality and creativity of China’s mass ice and snow sports to the world, and was praised as the “National ski Competition” by the media.2021-2022 Bank of China Visa Card Cup Super Fixed Point Ski Open is co-hosted by The Chinese Ski Association and China Sports Motion, co-named by Bank of China, the official partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Visa, the TOP partner of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee, supported by China Sports Venue Association.Winter Olympics partners Coca-Cola, Anta, Yili and Panpan Food, as well as Salomon and Anta Children, are the official partners of this season’s super spot.It is understood that, as the name partner of Super Fixed point Ski Open, Bank of China and Visa continue to provide financial support, and the “Universal Ski Event Inclusive Plan” will fully reach the public skiing fans.The bank of China has a special registration channel, and you can enjoy a large reduction in the registration fee by using the Bank of China Visa credit card, effectively reducing the cost of the competition.Bank of China and Visa continue to promote and popularize ice and snow sports by supporting popular national ski events for years.On the morning of the competition, the charity class “Ice and Snow Seeds” welcomed a group of skiers with extraordinary potential. Nancy Liu, the world champion, and the senior coach of Aoshan Ski Resort gave the children an unforgettable enlightening lesson.According to understand, “snow seed plan” by the organizing committee of the bank of China, and the fixed-point ski open flow and China five top ski resorts in xinjiang, the silk road international resort, stop vacation paradise, shaanxi taibai AoShan jilin north lake resort ski resorts, heilongjiang yabuli sunshine and ski resort, jointly organized, this season is in the second year of the program.The Snow Seeds Project aims to promote large-scale public benefit programs for youth skiing.On the day of each competition station, all children under 12 years old can sign up for free skiing open class and get the teaching guidance of professional coach.This is not only a subsidy and encouragement for children’s ice and snow sports, but also a contribution to finding and cultivating seeds for ice and snow sports and supporting and promoting the long-term development of ice and snow sports.Reprint must be informed and indicate the source, infringement will be prosecuted!If there is any copyright infringement or reprint problem, please contact the wechat operator Baoji Tourism Service Center in time so that we can delete the relevant content as soon as possible