The Lantern Festival is a reunion festival

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The Lantern Festival is a time for family reunion. It is a time to enjoy the full moon, eat glutinous rice balls and watch lanterns.However, there is such a group of people, they give up the small home for everyone, give up the reunion with family, in their respective posts silently dedication.Let’s see how their Year of the Tiger Lantern Festival plays out under the same full moon.In order to better let passengers experience the charm of traditional Chinese festivals, China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Corporation Nanchang passenger section suzhou team in Nanchang to Longyan T8009 train, to carry out the “traditional folk festival” as the theme of the Lantern Festival party activities.Red lanterns and Chinese knots set off the bright and spacious carriage, a festive atmosphere.In order to let the staff in the process of ensuring the Winter Olympics can also enjoy a colorful Lantern Festival, On the morning of February 15, Beijing bus Group Yanqing will team Y1 team held a Lantern Festival.Huanexixi make Yuanxiao, 15, festive atmosphere pull full, also ease the pressure of long closed missing family members, for the last stage of the security work warm heart.(Beijing bus group guest eight companies Liu Ran) lanterns, guess riddles taste site redesigns the Lantern Festival on February 14, the Lantern Festival on the eve of the build two innings in the bohai sea branch love profusion project site to carry out the “lantern made from a dab hand Celebrate yuanxiao guess riddles “activities, the project staff and peasant workers, lanterns, guess riddles, the site felt” jin “the color and the festive mood.On February 14, Sichuan Tianhua Co., Ltd. launched a unique “welcome yuanxiao, celebrate reunion, send auspicious” theme activities in the staff canteen.In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the workers, the project department of The North Mientiane City of China Construction Third Bureau East China Company jointly held a lively Lantern Festival garden party with the Federation of Trade unions in Liangzhu Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou.We hang colorful lanterns, eat yuanxiao, make lanterns, guess riddles, experience the Chinese character “fu”, throwing a pot and other traditional cultural customs.East China company (build three innings The Lantern Festival qian-qian zhang) building site Tangyuan riddles on February 15, blessing all, in order to make a line worker spend a sweet happy Lantern Festival, build two bureau of sichuan branch of the pearl river new town project department carefully prepared forms and colorful lantern riddle, workmates to eat dumplings, guess lantern riddles, the festival atmosphere was warm,Let the staff feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture.In order to carry forward the traditional virtue of respecting and caring for the elderly, on February 13, volunteers from xiamen Binhai East Road Project department walked into xindian Town Nursing home in Xiamen city to carry out the “welcome the Lantern Festival, love into the nursing home” volunteer activity.A lantern, a lantern riddle and a bowl of tangyuan create a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere for the elderly, making them feel the warmth and care from the society.(China Construction Fifth Bureau Fujian branch Shi Xiuzhi) hand in hand to celebrate the spring Lantern Festival “do lanterns, wish, hit golden eggs, knock blind box, taste dumplings.”In order to promote the traditional Chinese culture and further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees of the bank, on the evening of February 14, the trade union of Yuyao Branch of Agricultural Bank of China held a series of activities themed “Join hands with Spring to celebrate the Lantern Festival”.(ningbo finance and financial union czy) celebrates its winter joy make yuanxiao on the occasion of the arrival of the Lantern Festival, zhongjian bureau two companies Xing jersey city projects department held “celebrate the winter Olympics, joy make yuanxiao guess riddles” theme activities, the suspension of article 50 of the winter Olympics, history and culture and the movement of the content such as lantern riddles, attracted a worker to quizzes, celebrate the Lantern Festival.On February 14, 2018, the golden Lion Festival in Honghu station of the eastern National Pipeline Network celebrated the Lantern Festival.(national network storage and transportation company in eastern woody) site members in order to make return management and peasant workers spend a sweet Lantern Festival, let the away from home struggle of workers feel the warmth of home inns, build two bureau of nanjing jiangsu branch G52 projects department in the Lantern Festival approaching, to carry out the “moon festival to return to work, or make yuanxiao” theme activities.On February 14, Xianyang Gemstone Steel Tube and Rope Co., Ltd. held a contest to celebrate the Lantern Festival.(xianyang gem steel rope co., LTD Wang Mao key) on the site had a “warm heart” section at the site in order to let everyone can feel the strong atmosphere of festival, build two bureau of east China hefei binhu international conference and exhibition center phase ii project department to stick to front-line employees and co-workers organized a “yuanxiao cultural feast”, hung with red lanterns in the trees, erect lantern riddle striped unfurled.Planning: Hao Dan, Yang Jing, Miao Chen