The core of “drip irrigation” is to save water. How to carry out drip irrigation in case of sunny days and rising temperature?

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Planting and irrigation, these two topics are never separated.But now for irrigation, drip irrigation has slowly penetrated into the hearts of every farmer.Drip irrigation is becoming more and more popular, among which the penetration rate of greenhouse vegetable planting for drip irrigation system has reached more than 90%.This also shows that the drip irrigation system is also recognized by more people.But for the scientific use of this irrigation method, many users are still unable to do.This will take time, and it will be taught slowly.Drip-irrigation on sunny days Drip-irrigation systems are characterized by their ability to save water and accurately irrigate crops near their roots.Another advantage is that liquid fertilizer can now be combined with drip irrigation systems to achieve an integrated irrigation model.At the same time of irrigation, the topdressing was also done.When it comes to the disadvantages of drip irrigation system, its cost is not cheap, and some drip irrigation facilities are disposable, relatively large investment.In addition, the time of drip irrigation will be a little longer, because the speed of the flow of drip irrigation head should not be too large.Drip irrigation under film Drip irrigation when is the most appropriate?There is no requirement for the time of drip irrigation, but there is a point to pay attention to, that is, when it is sunny.On sunny days, the temperature is also gradually rising, which will have an impact on the number of irrigation.The reason is very simple, the increase of temperature, soil water loss is relatively large.If irrigation is carried out on a previous interval of days, the soil will become dehydrated and there will be problems for crops to grow.Tomato water shortage leads to yellow leaves. 1. What is the performance of crops due to insufficient drip irrigation?For sunny days, when the drip irrigation water is insufficient.For greenhouse crops, its growth performance is the most obvious.With tomato planting using drip irrigation under the film, for water shortage, the leaves at the bottom of the tomato will show yellow, and the edge of the leaves gradually appear dry edge, petiole ptosis.With scientific and technical explanation: because of the lack of irrigation water, resulting in reduced soil moisture, for crops to absorb nutrients will be reduced.As a result, crops lack calcium, magnesium, boron and other elements of the lack of tomato leaves will appear dry leaf phenomenon.For drip irrigation systems, most of the designs are in the form of drip irrigation under membrane.The frequency of irrigation is determined by the moisture of the soil rather than the number of days.For drip irrigation, on sunny days when the temperature is high.It also has two different schemes. First, drip irrigation or topdressing is carried out according to the number of days, which needs to adjust the number of irrigation, that is to say, drip irrigation once a day is changed to two times a day, thus increasing the water volume.Secondly, the interval days of drip irrigation remain unchanged, and the time of drip irrigation is increased, so that the amount of drip irrigation will increase.The basic principle of both schemes is the same, that is, increase the amount of water, so that the water supply of the crops is sufficient and there is no problem with nutrient absorption because of the lack of water.Conclusion: Drip irrigation system is indeed a very good way of irrigation, and the popularity is very high now.The key point is that drip irrigation needs to be very different from traditional flood irrigation, especially the frequency of flood irrigation is days as an example, while drip irrigation can not.Because drip irrigation water is small, and the principle of drip irrigation is a small number of times.In the greenhouse vegetable planting, this is the principle must be observed, otherwise it will cause excessive humidity in the greenhouse, there will be the risk of causing diseases and insects.