The highest reward of 4 million yuan, Qingdao issued 10 exhibition policies released what signal?

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As Lou Hua, a financial journalist at Tuyere, said, “A good conference enlivenes a city”, the convention and exhibition industry is known as the “barometer” of the national economy, the “vane” of industry development and the “booster” of industrial progress, which plays a unique role in driving industry, economy, urban development and consumption.To further stimulate the exhibition market vigor, improve the efficiency of the exhibition industry development on the use of special funds, promote the development of exhibition industry in Qingdao high-quality, February 16, the municipal ccpit (city exhibition office) and the city bureau of finance led the formulation of “promote the development of exhibition industry in Qingdao 10 policy” (hereinafter referred to as “the 10 policy”),”10 policy focus do big market, and stronger brand, excellent environment, covers the prize for the exhibition scale, figures show, green exhibition, the international certification, marketization of large conference and promotional content, reveal the idea of quality first and encourage innovation, dynamic for accelerating the construction of Qingdao international convention and exhibition city a positive addition to the charm.Under the background of “epidemic” and “double cycle”, the convention and exhibition industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and the government’s role in the exhibition industry is more forward-looking and leading.Not long ago, shandong Province’s 2022 Work Mobilization Conference proposed to focus on the “ten innovations” at present and in the future, including strengthening the innovation of business environment, and the issuance of the “Ten Policies of Qingdao to Promote the development of the Convention and Exhibition Industry” can be said to be a manifestation of the innovation of business environment.The convention and exhibition industry is a platform economy, which plays an important role in promoting related industries, driving market consumption, expanding opening to the outside world, improving the reputation of the city and promoting economic and social development.In recent years, Qingdao has thoroughly implemented the important guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping, “To make a good exhibition, to enlivein a city”. By taking multiple measures and pioneering and innovative measures, Qingdao has promoted the high-quality development of the exhibition industry. The number of exhibition activities and exhibition area in Qingdao have ranked among the top cities in China.Taking advantage of the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit”, Qingdao’s convention and exhibition industry has entered the “fast track” of development. At present, the city has four high-standard professional exhibition venues with exhibition area of 450,000 square meters, ranking among the best in China.Over the past five years, influential exhibition activities held by the city a total of nearly 1500, the annual exhibition area is one of the top six in the national city, successively established multinationals leaders Qingdao summit and the new kinetic energy, the exhibition, the boao Asia BBS BBS global health congress and global health fairs and sco international investment and trade fair and a series of high-end exhibition activities,The Qingdao International Beer Festival, China International Fisheries Expo and other international well-known brand activities have been created. Qingdao has been awarded honorary titles such as “China’s Most Competitive Exhibition City” and “China’s Most Influential Exhibition City” for many times.According to the goal of “The 14th Five-year Development Plan of Qingdao Convention and Exhibition Industry”, Qingdao is striving to build itself into a dynamic and charming international convention and exhibition city, which needs to make efforts in many aspects, such as exhibition policy and exhibition service.Setting up special funds to support the development of exhibition industry is a common practice in large and medium-sized cities in China.”In 2018, The city issued the Opinions on Several Policies and Measures to Support the development of the Exhibition Industry, which effectively promoted the upgrading and development of the exhibition industry in the city through the support for excellent exhibition enterprises and exhibition projects. The policy will expire in 2021.In order to better play the role of policy incentives and guidance, I will adapt to the new situation of the development of the convention and exhibition industry, focusing on expanding the market, strengthening the brand and improving the environment. On the basis of extensive research, I have formulated 10 Policies of Qingdao to Promote the development of the Convention and Exhibition Industry, “said Liu Dachan, secretary of the Party Group and president of Qingdao Council for the Promotion of International Trade.Ten Policies of Qingdao City on Promoting the Development of Exhibition Industry are formulated in accordance with the spirit of several Opinions of The State Council on Further Promoting the Development of Exhibition Industry (Guofa [2015] No. 15), Notice of The General Office of the Ministry of Commerce on Innovating exhibition Service Mode and Fostering New Driving Force for the Development of Exhibition Industry.”10 policy carry out general secretary xi” do a good job in a meeting, activating a city “, in shandong “three goeth before” the important instructions of instruction spirit, the implementation of the deployment of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government requirements, anchor construction dynamic charming international exhibition city development goals, to further promote the transformation and upgrading of exhibition industry in Qingdao, in the national characteristic,Better enable social and economic development.The “10 Policies” focus on the “double cycle”, increase the support for large-scale exhibitions, trade exhibitions of more than 10,000 square meters can apply for subsidies, a maximum subsidy of 1.5 million yuan per project;At the same time, subsidies for consumer exhibitions of more than 20,000 square meters have been added to give full play to the pull effect of large-scale exhibitions on the “great cycle”.In addition, the government has increased the support for high-end exhibitions. The subsidy standard will be increased by 20% for those with a higher degree of internationalization or those with more than 20% of the participation of “World top 500” and “China top 500” or those with new product launches.Certain subsidies will also be given to international exhibitions and conferences that have obtained relevant international certification, and one-time rewards of 300,000 yuan will be given to those exhibitions that have been held regularly in Qingdao and have obtained certification from UFI and other authoritative organizations.Exhibition venues certified by UFI and other authorities will be given a one-time reward of 150,000 yuan.International conferences accredited by the International Association of Congresses and Conferences (ICCA) will receive a subsidy of RMB 100,000.”The addition of subsidies for consumer exhibitions and support for high-end exhibitions have strengthened our determination to become a first-class international exhibition.”Ms. Wang, who has been engaged in consumer exhibitions, said the policy was timely and forceful under the current circumstances.Focusing on the goal of “double carbon”, we have added support for green exhibition and digital exhibition.In order to encourage innovation and development of the exhibition industry, the policy stipulates subsidies for green exhibitions and digital exhibitions that meet the standards of the city.In order to ensure the implementation of this policy, CCPIT has also guided Qingdao Convention and Exhibition Industry Association to formulate and publish the assessment standards, principles and methods of green exhibitions and digital exhibitions in Qingdao, and the one-time subsidy of 100,000 yuan for those who meet the certification will be given.”Affected by the epidemic, we have been applying digital exhibition for many years, and this policy subsidizes this aspect, which boosts our confidence in doing well.”Ding Quan, general manager of Qingdao Haiming Exhibition Co., LTD., who has been deeply engaged in exhibition for more than 20 years, felt the benefits of the policy.Focusing on the integration of meeting and industry, the government has increased support for large-scale market-oriented conferences. In order to attract more high-quality large-scale conferences and activities to be held in Qingdao and promote the development of tourism and other related industries, a subsidy of 100,000-200,000 yuan will be given to relevant large-scale market-oriented conferences held in The city for more than 2 days with more than 500 people.Professional marketization conferences (excluding marketing conferences, training conferences and supporting conferences during the exhibition) sponsored by national business associations, associations or “World top 500” and “China top 500″ enterprises with a duration of more than 2 days (including this number).A one-time subsidy of RMB 100,000 will be given to the exhibition organizer if the number of participants is 500-1000 (including this number) and they stay in five-star (or equivalent) hotels for more than 500 nights;If the number of participants is more than 1,000 and the participants stay in five-star hotels (or equivalent to five-star hotels) for more than 1,000 nights, the organizer will be given a one-time subsidy of RMB 200,000. This subsidy will not be enjoyed in accordance with the terms approved by the International Association of Congresses and Conferences (ICCA).”10 policies” focus on strong base solid capital, increase the support for excellent exhibition enterprises.Exhibition enterprises above the scale that have been included in the statistical scope of the city will be rewarded according to their annual new local contribution, with a maximum reward of 300,000 yuan for a single enterprise;Certain subsidies will also be given to exhibition enterprises that carry out capital operation, introduce high-end exhibition talents or actively participate in the city’s exhibition publicity and promotion activities according to relevant standards.In terms of encouraging the capital operation of exhibition enterprises, the municipal exhibition enterprises listed on the domestic main board, Science and Technology Innovation Board and growth Enterprise Board will be subsidized in stages according to the listing process, with the total amount not exceeding RMB 4 million;The exhibition enterprises listed in the national sme share transfer system will be given a one-time subsidy of 1.2 million yuan.Encourage the introduction of high-end exhibition talents, enterprises entrust headhunting agencies to introduce high-end talents with an annual salary of 500,000 yuan or more, and give enterprises a subsidy of up to 500,000 yuan.PhD and master graduates who are employed and start businesses in Qingqing for the first time and purchase the only commercial house in Qingqing will be given a one-time resettlement allowance of 150,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively.The living allowance of 3000 yuan per person per month will be given to the postgraduate students who come to the university to practice in the enterprise after being confirmed by the competent department.Encourage key enterprises and scientific research institutes to jointly cultivate applied postgraduates, and reward those with outstanding achievements up to RMB 3 million.Exhibition enterprises that participate in the promotion activities of domestic and foreign exhibition industry organized by the municipal competent department of exhibition and Exhibition and set up booths shall be subsidized 50% of the registration fee and rental fee, and each enterprise shall not exceed RMB 100,000 yuan per year.Photo source:Vision China not only the icing on the cake, even in 10 policy also increased the relevant terms of the bail-out, professional exhibition companies in the city hall plans to hold exhibition area of 10000 square meters of exhibition, because COVID – 19 years of epidemic prevention and control and other force majeure reasons show cancel, subsidies for the exhibition publicity expenses incurred to the 20%,A maximum of 300,000 yuan to help enterprises tide over difficulties.”There is a big incentive for companies to be rewarded for their new local contributions each year.”Ding Quan, general manager of Qingdao Haiming Exhibition Co., LTD., said that the company has been engaged in the convention and exhibition industry for more than 20 years, and is also in the forefront of the national exhibition enterprises. It plans to go public in the next three to five years to further enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, and the policy of encouraging listing makes the road of listing more clear.                                  According to “China Exhibition Statistics Report” by the Exhibition Economy Research Society, the area of exhibition venues newly put into use during the “14th Five-Year Plan” will reach 40% of the existing stock, and the competition situation can be imagined.Exhibition cities should not only face the multiplied competition pressure, but also examine the prominent contradiction of overall planning, and test the wisdom of the government departments in charge of exhibition.With the introduction and guidance of the “10 Policies”, Qingdao convention and exhibition industry will continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, further play the role of the platform, better empower Qingdao’s economic and social development, and create a Qingdao model of the convention and exhibition industry.