Xinshao, Hunan: The phoenix Valley has a golden giant phoenix, and the Grand Canyon has a green glass slide!

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Xinshao, Hunan: The phoenix Valley has a golden giant phoenix, and the Grand Canyon has a green glass slide!– A giant golden painted phoenix spotted in Phoenix Valley Scenic Spot.On January 28, 2022.28, knowing that xinshao Phoenix Valley Wind Scenic Spot had been officially opened, I made a special trip to the scenic spot to visit and take photos for the first time since its opening.It has been less than 6 months since I visited the park with my film friends last time.However, this time into the park, unexpectedly surprised to find that there is a big and beautiful golden phoenix, as if in the face of my arrival.As I looked around and walked into the canyon, everything seemed to change, to become more beautiful and spectacular.Not to make me feel deeply: today’s Phoenix Valley scenic area has changed.Both the interior view and the appearance of the scenic spot, as well as the service facilities and service project content, have undergone a fundamental and significant transformation.Into the phoenix Valley scenic area gate, jump into the eye, the most eye-catching, surprising is that a huge golden phoenix painted wall painting.This huge painted phoenix wall painting occupies the entire front of a small hill and a right wall.According to scenic area staff, this huge phoenix painted wall painting is as high as more than 10 meters, the total width of more than 50 meters.In addition to such a huge phoenix painted wall painting, there should be no other in the province.– Photo by Lei Zhenliang, Yang Yong — a giant golden painted phoenix wall in Fenghuang Valley Scenic Spot.When walking into xinshao Phoenix Valley wind scenic area from the gate of the scenic spot, there is a big golden phoenix in front of us. It is spreading a pair of wings and holding its head high, as if it is waiting for and welcoming everyone at any time.Very auspicious, peaceful and friendly.This is a huge phoenix painted wall painting on the front and right sides of a small hill directly opposite the gate in the scenic spot.The golden phoenix in the painting holds its head high, showing its wings blooming and soaring, showing elegance, temperament, joy and wealth;The head of the red sun, a symbol of sunny, brilliant;Facing the east, yearning for the rising sun, the sun like fire, full of vigor and vitality;Wings spread, the clouds, lifelike, vivid, auspicious, gratified.Beautiful, beautiful.It’s a feast for the eyes, a sight for the eyes, a sight for the eyes.– General view of The Tourist Service Center of Phoenix Valley Scenic Spot.Phoenix Valley scenic spot, a national AAA level scenic spot, is located in the north of Shaoyang City, Yuxiu zhong Ling – Dayuan village, Yantang Town, Xinshao County, Hunan.18 kilometers away from shaoyang city, Xinshao county 8 kilometers.Highway 207 runs through the entire territory.Xinshao county tourism circle channel direct phoenix Valley scenic area gate.Convenient transportation, picturesque natural scenery, mountains, peaks meandering, rolling;Ravines and streams murmur.The scenic area is made from monkey stone, the longevity Spring, the Stone Gorge holy water, the golden peak, the one line sky, the sky staircase, the golden Gate, the cave, the lion’s brain, and the stone chestball mountain, the bleeder, pig gate, DAMS and reservoirs and other natural landscapes.– The longest aerial glass rafting scene in Central Hunan.According to local old people, in the Grand Canyon of the Phoenix Valley, there are not only beautiful phoenix legend, but also a lot of very interesting, very magical beautiful legend.It is called phoenix Valley because it was originally the place where the phoenix came.And the phoenix here is very beautiful, intelligent, intelligent, very popular.So, people here called the big canyon Phoenix Valley.Later, the south China Sea white dragon came from far away from here to learn, they immediately flew to the Phoenix Valley Grand Canyon, and the phoenix here to form a partner, day and night together, day and night in harmony, extremely happy.To this end, the white dragon also specially selected from this distance not far from the Phoenix Valley mountain behind the white water cave of a cave in the underwater world as the dragon palace.Later, people called this cave white Dragon Cave.So, they will sleep at night in the white dragon cave, play in the Phoenix Valley during the day, day after day, year after year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, never abandon, dragon and phoenix dance, dragon and phoenix cheng Xiang.The envy of the world.Legend, now People’s Daily use of dragon flying phoenix dance, dragon and phoenix chengxiang, is from the Phoenix Valley scenic area of the Phoenix Grand Canyon of the golden Phoenix and white water hole scenic area of the white dragon hole.Later, when Shi Dakai of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom passed through here, he felt that it was a very rare place to camp for hidden dragons, tigers and treasures, so he secretly hid his gold and silver treasures in the mountains and forests of Phoenix Valley.Therefore, there is the history of decades of mining of mineral resources in the mountains and the history of special transportation railway for mineral resources, as well as the legend of “big col versus small col, 18 cellars of gold and silver” handed down so far.High altitude glass drift slide landscape.Now, in phoenix Valley Grand Canyon, but also set up and opened a central Hunan’s longest high-altitude glass drifting belt.The total length of the glass slide is 1600mm, with three 360-degree bends.Visitors can take a special slide boat, wear special waterproof clothes slide, drift down the slide.Stimulation, surprise, comfort, fun, happy zai, leisurely zai, beautiful zai.Bird ‘s-eye view of phoenix Valley Grand Canyon floating glass slide panorama.- Yang yong photography at the same time, also has invested the phoenix valley of hotels, scenic tourist shopping centers and tourist reception center, inside and outside in the parking lot, scenic highway, mountain road, rest pavilion, high glass, colorful way, mountain suvs, live-action CS combat troops, and barbecue places such as a large number of human landscape and service facilities.A scenic spot integrating room tourism, view, entertainment, leisure, dining and vacation.Phoenix Valley Grand Canyon high – altitude floating glass slide farsightedness.Grand Canyon high glass slide farsightedness.Phoenix Valley Grand Canyon colorful slide landscape.Human CS field activity field landscape.Men’s play area.Unique smoke-free barbecue place.Smoke-free barbecue place landscape.Monkey Stone Canyon gate view.Monkey Stone canyon landscape.Monkey Stone Gorge waterfall landscape.Clouds and mists wreathed phoenix Valley.Glass slides overlooking phoenix Valley.A closer look at glass slides in Phoenix Valley.– A glimpse of phoenix Valley Scenic spot.Phoenix appreciation, view beautiful scenery, high altitude rafting, play field, vacation leisure where to go?Shaoyang Phoenix Valley wind scenic spot good place!Xinshao Phoenix Valley revealed a giant golden Phoenix, the longest glass rafting operation, beautiful and fun!