More than 5.2 million trips were made by public transport during the Spring Festival holiday

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Qingdao News on February 7 (ding Shuhua correspondent Xing Zang Yong Xue Feng) The End of the Spring Festival holiday, Qingdao City transport Holding Group issued a holiday road passenger travel “big data”, from January 31 to February 6 (New Year’s Eve to the sixth day), urban public transport, urban and rural public transport passengers more than 5.2347 million people;The number of long-distance passenger line passengers was 23,500, 38.24% higher than last year;The “Through Train to Return to Work” has brought back more than 2,200 migrant workers from Qingdao enterprises point-to-point.Commuter buses are returning to service…It is reported that starting from February 5 (the fifth day of the first lunar month), the return peak has entered, all transportation sections have been connected in advance, complete the deployment of transport capacity, strengthen the airport, railway, subway and major enterprises and public institutions connecting passenger flow response.Public transport: nearly 7,000 buses are used every day, and 159,900 buses are sent. “Hello passengers, happy New Year!”During the Spring Festival of this year, The City Transport Holding Group promoted the value-added service of “standardization + family affection”. On the basis of ensuring standardized operation, drivers were encouraged to send a blessing and a smile to passengers when they got on the bus, so that the carriages became warmer during the festival.According to the news released by the city transport Holding Group, public transport is mainly divided into urban buses and urban and rural buses.According to statistics, during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, 4,110 buses were put into urban areas every day, and 117,800 buses were sent, with a total passenger volume of 4,773,300.Among them, the first grade to the people in the traffic picks up, according to the citizen travel visit shopping habits of traffic, city yun holding group increased via pier, litsun, xindu heart, south of the guest, vientiane city scenic area and the business circle route number density, such as 605, 316, at the same time, completes the metro transfer station bus lines capacity arrangement, easy passengers transfer to public.In addition, the urban and rural public transport service invested 2,714 buses on an average day, delivering 42,100 trips in total and carrying 464,400 passengers.In order to smoothly realize the seamless connection between night trains and bus lines at Qingdao Railway Station and Qingdao North Railway Station, a total of 42 buses were sent for docking during the Spring Festival holiday, which guaranteed the travel needs of passengers arriving in Qingdao at night.During the Spring Festival, 602 emergency personnel on duty, 236 security personnel on duty and 147 emergency vehicles were arranged on an average day.Long-distance: send long-distance lines 3371 shifts, transport passengers 23,500 person-times in the city transport holdings of the long-distance bus station ticket hall, waiting room and other areas, fu character, couplets, red lanterns, lively and lovely zodiac tiger mascot let people feel the warmth of the Spring Festival.Waiting hall on the big screen broadcast the festival blessing, the staff for the passengers to send blessing, passengers with the New Year’s “blessing” gas home reunion, visit relatives and friends.According to statistics, the city transport the long-distance bus station a total of 3371 passenger lines;The number of passengers sent was 23,500, 38.24% higher than last year;Ticket revenue increased 50.16 percent year on year.At the same time, the “Red Majia” volunteer service of Qingdao Bus Terminal provides passengers with humanized services such as baggage carrying, transfer guidance, intelligent equipment operation guidance, as well as homecoming gift boxes and dessert gift bags for purchase.Custom travel: “return through train” power more than 2200 migrant workers Mohammedan blue return to work and production as the industrial park construction and production in succession, the city enterprises holding group active docking earthly continue to open “back through train”, has more than 2200 migrant workers provide bespoke travel services, “the door to the gate” the current data is still on the rise.On February 6th, Huangdao Business Division of Transportation of City Transport Holding, together with Jiaozhou Business Division, West Coast Business Division and Dongjiakou Company organized high-quality transportation to open 46 through trains to Huangdao Park of Hisense Group, covering more than 60 bus stations in various cities of the province, and brought more than 1700 hisense employees back to Qingdao safely and smoothly for resumption of work.At the same time, Chengyun Holding Transportation And Pingdu Business Department sent 17 shifts of “Returning to post through train” for Hisense Group, and brought nearly 500 hisense employees from Heze, Juye, Juancheng, Lanling, Xinxian, Caoxian, Zaozhuang, Yuncheng, Xintai, Linqing, Handan and other places safely and smoothly back to the Factory area of Pingdu.In addition, Jiaozhou Business Department of City Transport Holding co., Ltd. provides chartered bus “tour Qingdao” service for employees of local enterprises staying in Qingdao during the Festival, with 9 shipments and 380 person-times served.For cimC refrigeration and other 6 units of the service of the commuter shuttle bus has resumed duty.The Jimo Business Department of City Transport Holding Co., LTD has actively provided passenger transport services for epidemic prevention and control, and provided special bus services for inbound passengers who have been released from quarantine, with 34 trips during the Spring Festival.In addition, for the convenience of citizens who martyrs, January 31, city yun holding group from Qingdao long-distance bus station to crane ling (via chongqing south road, Qingdao dark blue mouth bus station bus station) mooring bus station to bailing river park, Qingdao sea (east bus station) via 2 “custom” martyrs’s dedicated, advocate public civilization festivals, green travel.