Channel: do not miss the farm do not miss the spring “female” to help spring ploughing

2022-06-14 0 By

Spring in March is good, and the fields are busy with spring farming.In recent days, the vast number of women compatriots have walked into the fields, everywhere you can see a wave of dong women wearing “flower headscarf”, they work hard in the field has become a beautiful scenery line.The spring ploughing season, the majority of women to join the spring ploughing preparation army, not only alleviate the practical difficulties of large farmers to solve the shortage of labor, the key also can make the money of migrant women to drum up, so that left-behind women do farm work at home.Women hold up spring ploughing preparation “half of the sky”, sowing new hope for prosperity in Dong Township, which has not only become an important support for family economic income, but also an important force for rural economic and social development.Eggplant and melon base plastic film cover seedling base dig seedling load seedling women busy figure luo Hanguo base plowing preparation luo Hanguo base cover film afforestation base seedling binding