Child safety seats have expiration dates, too

2022-06-14 0 By

On March 15, the State Administration for Market Regulation released consumer tips on eight categories of products, including child safety seats, to help consumers choose and use related products in a scientific way.Regulatory authorities remind consumers that the use of thermos should not contain carbonated drinks, the constant production of carbon dioxide inside the pressure will increase and lead to the top cover out;Do not store soy milk, milk and other high protein food for a long time, easy to breed bacteria and lead to nutrient loss;It is not suitable to contain acidic food such as juice for a long time. It may produce electrochemical reaction with the inner liner of thermos cup and precipitate heavy metals, which will affect human health.In addition, child safety seats also have a “shelf life”, “expired” quickly change.Children’s safety seats are grouped according to their weight and height. When choosing a suitable product, the weight and height of children should be taken as the main reference.Children under 15 months of age should use a rear-facing car seat.The product has the service life, use too long material will occur aging, safety reduction, do not recommend to continue to use.It is recommended to choose “long lamp pole” for the adjustable height and Angle range are larger.Ac eye protection desk lamp may flicker. Do not use it continuously for a long time.Install tempered glass shower room, it is recommended to paste functional film, reduce the damage caused by splashes after product burst to human body.Daily cleaning, should use special glass cleaner, avoid using detergent powder.Infant crawling pad should be selected with a small number of inserts and large shape, good material toughness, not easy to be pulled and broken products.Electric cooker avoid hot pot cold wash, in case temperature difference is too large, resulting in coating fall off.When scratches are found on the bottom and four walls of the rice cooker, it indicates that part of the coating may have been damaged and peeled off. It is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.(Beijing Daily reporter Zhang Nan)