Iron heart to a road to the black?Lithuania did not give up and enlisted Australia to unite against China

2022-06-14 0 By

The foreign ministers’ meeting of the “quadrilateral Security dialogue” mechanism comprising the US, Japan, Australia and India is scheduled to be held in mid-February, reported.While senior officials of the Quadripartite security Dialogue countries gather in Australia, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landsberges, who is pushing for the establishment of a so-called Taiwan representative office, will also visit Australia.Ahead of his visit to Australia, Landsberges said in an interview that “Chinese intimidation and trade sanctions” would top the agenda of Lithuanian and Australian exchanges, the newspaper reported.He even went so far as to say that Under no circumstances did Lithuania intend to rename “the Taiwan representative Office” and that “the Lithuanian government will stick to the agreements already reached”.It is worth noting that Lithuania and Australia have had frequent interactions recently, after Lithuania pushed the EU to bring a case against China at the World Trade Organization over so-called “trade coercion”, Australia immediately said it was willing to participate in the arbitration process.Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan is reported to have announced in a previous statement that Australia is seeking to join earlier eu-China trade dispute settlement talks over Lithuania.He said Australia had done so because of a “nexus of interests”.It is worth mentioning that in 2021, Lithuania announced that it would approve the establishment of a so-called “Taiwan Representative Office” in its territory under the name of “Taiwan authorities”.After repeated solemn statements by the Chinese side to no avail, The Cubans continued to go their own way. In November 2021, the so-called “Office of Taiwan in Lithuania” was approved for listing.Based on this, China has also lowered its neutral relationship to the level of charge d ‘affaires. In the economic and trade field, China has taken measures to punish Lithuania and reduce the supply of Lithuanian goods.Lithuania has come under a lot of pressure from the international community because it has been jumping up and down the anti-China front.On January 4, Lithuanian President Alexander Nowseda admitted mistakes in the recent diplomatic dispute between the two countries in an interview for the first time.In his speech, he said Lithuania had made a mistake by allowing the Taiwanese authorities to open a representative office in vilnius, the capital, under the name “Taiwan”, prompting a strong reaction from China.On December 28, 2021, the latest results of the Lithuanian Polling Agency showed that the government’s approval rating fell to an all-time low of 17.3 percent in December, leaving it at less than 20 percent.At present, Australia’s relations with China are also very tense. Since Australia joined the US-led AUKUS trilateral security Alliance, it is “very active” in harming the interests of China.Some media mentioned that one of the reasons for the recent sharp deterioration of China-Australia relations is the trade dispute between the two countries.Australian exporters lost a total of about A $5.4 billion during the china-Australia trade dispute in 2021, according to Australian financial statistics.As for the current difficult situation in China-Australia relations, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin once made it clear that this is entirely caused by the Australian side.The pressing task now is for the Australian side to face up to the root causes of setbacks in bilateral relations and handle bilateral relations in accordance with the principle of mutual respect and equal treatment.Professor Chen Hong, director of the Australian Studies Center at East China Normal University, said the two countries are trying to “unite to warm up” and create a sense of empathy. Both sides want to play the victim to gain sympathy from the international community and confuse the international community.However, the two countries are not complementary and even compete in some consumer goods and agricultural products.Chen hong also said that Australia and Lithuania, two countries have sadly become tools of the US and the West to suppress China.But Australia and Lithuania will not get much more substantial support than some illusory warmth through so-called “bundling”.