Oh, no! We can do this!

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The recent hit TV show “The Beginning” has finished airing, has everyone seen it?In the small make up to see the full he cried tears of moving and meet -wuwuwu…… although the inside of the plot based on ordinary life but everyone “extraordinary” their love reflect incisively and vividly in addition to the two main characters in the play outside the power circle powder has a role to let a person hard to don’t like him is clearly is an asthma patients guard the kitten is absolute a reliefOnly another stray cat when he was chosen by the protagonist to “save the world” also decisively picked up the “bomb” pot again and again, he said, “As long as I call him,Lu Di he will appear “and the life of ordinary he like cats, I like your game has its own beliefs and secondary yuan must guard things but in case of need some help for the moment will never stand up in the first place ⌈” Lu Di “is actually ⌋ around us at the time of the Spring Festival reunion troops who against the cold wind and snow with youth and sweat is defended border and to defend the countryOur security against the wind and the epidemic prevention health care workers in their own eyes of parents are in their early 20 s child to shoulder social responsibility a line of police (epidemic prevention father and son meet on New Year’s eve morning patrol) they just dazed and confused green revealed that the calm in the ordinary has demonstrated its great as long as there is need of place “Lu Di” will appear around you!This session of young blood, justice, kindness, brave occupy, we really can go up!Because, protecting the beauty of the world is our mission ~ when strangers need blood treatment, we will reach out our hands and donate blood to illuminate the lives of others and defeat the ruthless disease. Every unpaid blood donor is unique. Let’s raise our hands for love and save lives.Make an appointment to participate in blood donation for free. Welcome to make an appointment to donate blood this week.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn