One point calendar 2.2 | Golden Tiger Nafurui, open a year spring!Good morning, happy New Year!

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point interactive editor Niu Yun with the lens record beautiful, freeze frame wonderful moments!Let your photographic works, engraved on the “one point calendar” time machine, accompany thousands of readers/users through the year 365 days!”Red-belted brocade chicken dances to celebrate the Spring Festival, which means good luck.”The golden pheasant is foraging on the grass, its graceful posture of foraging is just like an exquisite New Year’s picture scroll.With graceful body and light gait, the male chicken is about one meter long and is covered with seven colors of feathers. It is dazzling and colorful.Its belly feathers are a brilliant blood-red, its back is golden except for a few thick green feathers, and its head is covered with a golden filamentous crown that reaches down to its neck and sparkles in the sun.”Spring breeze flapping face weeping willows dance, daming lake red lanterns high, everywhere permeated with a festive atmosphere.Many big red lights are arranged around the lakeshore, creating a strong fiery festive atmosphere.During the Spring Festival, Daming Lake is an important destination for families to travel, so please come to visit the park at the beginning of the New Year.Jinan Black Tiger Spring night, the black Tiger Spring Icon light show under the night is so beautiful.Near jinan Black Tiger Spring scenic area, bright lights and pleasant scenery add a visual feast for the spring city residents during the festival.On February 2nd, congratulations to the Courier “Zhong Fusheng”, “Shao Bang Zhu” and “140126” for their photographic works on the user interactive version of “One Point Calendar”, and their works will also be included in the exclusive custom cultural creation of “One Point Calendar”!At the same time, one point calendar user interactive version is still in the hot collection if you are a photography lover as long as you will be satisfied with the photo works uploaded to qilu One Point information station will have the opportunity to be published in the “one point calendar” 365 days, with the morning Qilu Morning News and information together to welcome the daily sunrise, open a new day!In addition to the broad display platform, you will also have the opportunity to get the exclusive “good photo” red envelope on the headlines. At the same time, your works will also have the opportunity to be included in the exclusive custom cultural creation of “One Point Calendar”!: Download qilu Evening News official client Qilu One Point, click the information station to participate in the topic # one point calendar photography works collection, red envelope gift waiting for you # send works and detailed introduction (1) shooting location (2) shooting scene (3) shooting month date (4) work description.Note: Works must be my original works, all submitted works photographer and Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint share the use of copyright, whether you are a professional photographer or amateur photography to participate in the bar!Look forward to your wonderful blockbusters, let us record time in the 365 days of “one point calendar”, share the good!