Red Rice K40 series hit the high end of the setback, the upcoming Red rice K50 series can achieve a breakthrough?

2022-06-14 0 By

In the run-up to the event, Redmi also previewed a new feature that the K50 will be equipped with — optical anti-shake technology.In doing so, Red Rice has made up for what has been a weakness in photography.From what has been revealed so far, the configuration of the Redmi K50 series is quite tough.It runs on a Breguet 9000 chip that outperforms snapdragon’s latest 8GEN1 processor in power consumption and performance.It uses A Samsung 2K screen, which gets an A+ rating from The Display agency. It’s not the LTPO, but it’s definitely in the top tier.It has 120 watts of charging power and a 5,000mah battery for both battery life and fast charging.This seemingly simple feature point is not easy to achieve.There have been a number of phones with a 120-watt charge, but the battery is just over 4,000mah. With a 120-hertz high brush and a 2K screen, it’s clear that this will cause serious battery anxiety.Red Rice has made a breakthrough this time, so it does seem to have something.Taken together, this is definitely a flagship phone that is almost full in every way.Of course, Red rice K50 is a series of mobile phones, divided into low, standard, top three models, probably only the top version can have such luxurious configuration.Clearly, Redmi is no longer content with dominating the low-end mobile phone market. It also wants to hit the high-end.In fact, this can be seen from the red mi note11 series released last year, the top of the red mi note11 went to the price of more than 2000, more expensive than the k40.This is not because there are too many models and the price positioning is confused, but because Hongmi wants to explore the price range and make more brand value phones.Redmi also tried to move upmarket with its previous product, the K40 series.Redmi K40 is also divided into three versions, with each price range from 2,000 to 3,000, seamlessly connecting with the big brother Xiaomi.Did not think of the user basic not buy it, finally only positioning 2000 K40 basic became a burst, the other two almost cool.Therefore, the Snapdragon processor 888 mounted on the premium version of Redmi K40 is very hot, which is reversed by the Snapdragon 870. Secondly, the product positioning is not clear, and the differences in functionality are not significant. The top version of K40 is not as cost-effective as the basic model, so it cannot make a difference.Having learned the hard way, this year’s Redmi K50 is clearly well prepared.According to digital bloggers, the basic model of this year’s K50 is almost identical to the K40, with the same side fingerprint, plastic bezel and Snapdragon 870 processor. The only changes are in fast charging, screen and styling, and obviously the price won’t change too much.This will not only attract k40 fans, but also keep the K50 base game, killing two birds with one stone.The premium version of the K50 is powered by a Breguet 8100 processor, which uses TSMC’s 4-nanometer process and is more power efficient than the Snapdragon 870.Compared with the basic model, the configuration of the camera and charging will be slightly upgraded to a certain extent, and the price will also be improved.K50 top match version is the standard match of the flagship mobile phone, 2K screen, Phecda 9000 processor, 120 watts fast charge, 100 million pixel camera, almost all on the meeting, the price is not guaranteed will also rush up four thousand yuan file.It can be seen that Hongmi K50 has made enough differentiation in the product this time. Judging from its cost performance as before, it may be able to successfully rush to the high-end market this time, even beating the eldest brother Mi 12 series.