Due to the violation of siba punishment: suspended performance activities reduced to a reserve student /SNH48 member Guo Shuang apology!

2022-06-15 0 By

Guo Shuang, a member of SNH48, recently, was punished by the company Siba media because she was revealed to have a boyfriend: suspended performance activities, from an official student to a reserve student.The most terrible thing was not the punishment of Siba Media, but the anger and dissatisfaction of fans (the support club was disbanded). Finally, we had to apologize to remedy the situation…”Because of my selfishness, I hurt my fans, my teammates and damaged the image of our company. I want to say sorry to everyone!A lot of people said, why not quit?Because I’ve let a lot of people down, but every time I see a good comment, I can’t let the rest of them down…”Guo Shuang is that fall in love in the group, deceiving fans to sell CP, not careful after their own demolition of the group, pretending to apologize on the stage KD in elated, knowing his teammates father died, but also in front of her said “F/Q/O have a father”……After watching Guo Shuang’s apology cut, big data pushed a lot of relevant videos before the river.There was also a lot of talk about whether to forgive Guo Shuang and others.We can only say that we do not forgive, do not pay attention to, do not abuse, Guo Shuang did wrong is wrong, apology is just an apology.This is just like a person accidentally cut you a knife, said a sorry and left, but this sorry can not replace the wound pain, but the person is still not careful, you can only complain a few words.There is about “Guo Shuang came back, also I Xie Lei Lei/my sister Kong/Dan three is also through the ages strange injustice/two dogs when back can also come back?”And so on.And Guo Shuang Xu Shiqi back comparison, small transparent return, only constantly do not accept, do not agree with, but also have made mistakes on the top of the poor.Xox will be able to forgive once for a second time. Every time there is a new problem, everyone will feel sorry for one person.What is a real idol?Idol is a public figure, the image set up must be a positive image, exaggerated, is a psychological obsession of fans and friends.It is because of this special reason, so the idol’s behavior must be standardized, abide by the relevant agreement, set a good example.That is to say, the river is getting lower and lower, but all it can do is not forgive, not support, not abuse.Passers-by netizens think that Guo Shuang can not be forgiven the reason: love or second, mainly love also fired female CP is pretty hateful.But it doesn’t matter what passers-by say, the fans who paid the money are angry.