Jinan Railway Travel clothing company Qingdao High-speed railway Catering management Branch warmly accompany passengers home for the Spring Festival

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Taste Shared and colorful traditional culture border on the journey of tour take high-speed rail catering management company Qingdao branch warmth with passengers home show felt (xinhua) – during the Spring Festival, shandong border on high-speed rail travel service co., LTD. Qingdao catering management branch staff will be decorated dining car, red lantern, to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, thoughtful and careful service activities,All the way to accompany passengers home for the Spring Festival.On the G232 train from Qingdao to Shanghai Hongqiao, the atmosphere of Chinese New Year is very strong.The value of the dining car long Ma Hui and the team staff will be dining car compartment, seat seriously clean, carefully disinfected, the car with a thriving “peace of happiness” window and “peace of happiness” paper-cut.Together with the team members, she prepared a warm service activity of “Welcome the Winter Olympics, Celebrate the New Year — Taste the traditional culture, Share the colorful journey”.At the scene, we were fortunate to see that the attendant made up the dance and cut out the window, the dining car was happy and harmonious, and the passengers were immersed in it and felt the charm of traditional folk culture.During the event, the staff of the dining car also propagated folk knowledge to the passengers, organized railway travel knowledge and epidemic prevention and control knowledge to answer the questions, and gave souvenir gifts to the passengers who answered correctly.Inside the carriage, from time to time came bursts of applause.Yugang li live passion or her high-speed “family” is understood to Qingdao high iron also invited famous catering management branch left pen calligraphers, (Hong Kong) of Chinese calligrapher’s association, vice chairman and founder of the “fu” peace splash-ink yugang li site, for bus passengers into calligraphy “silent blessing”, let the passengers experienced great “home” flavor.