Which seat is safer in the car?

2022-06-15 0 By

Every year because of the increasing number of deaths caused by traffic accidents, causing everyone to think about the safety coefficient of car seats.In terms of family car 5-seat design, it is generally recognized that the safety factor of the back row is generally higher, but which seat is safer?Which seat is dangerous?Which seat is dangerous?First, let’s take a look at the more dangerous seat. The Traffic management department of the United States has conducted investigation and research on this problem. After a large number of accident investigation and analysis and numerous real car tests, it has come to the conclusion that if the danger factor of the driver’s seat is set at 100, the coefficient of the passenger seat is 101, which is very dangerous.The passenger seat is dangerous because the driver’s instinctive reaction in an emergency must be to protect himself, turning the steering wheel to the left to get away from his other side of the car.Which seat is safer?As for which seat is safer, the middle seat in the back row has a risk factor of 62.2, which is relatively safe, according to a survey conducted by the Us Traffic management Department.Because on the premise of wearing the seat belt, there is a large buffer zone in the middle seat of the back row, no matter in the case of front impact or impact on both sides, the middle seat of the back row has a relatively generous buffer distance.In addition, if the vehicle appears sideslip or roll, the center of rotation is often in the middle of the back row, so the middle seat of the back row bears less centrifugal force, and the damage is smaller.