54-year-old Zhang Yu is coming back!Now with white hair, he admitted that he had retired from the ring due to voice problems

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Taiwanese media reported on January 25 that zhang Yu, the “prince of love songs”, is about to make a comeback.He has been out of the spotlight for more than three years, saying he was “too tired, please understand.”The name Zhang Yu must be familiar to many post-80s and post-90s.Classic songs, such as “Well-intentioned”, “Woe caused by the Moon” and “It Keeps Raining”, have become obligatory songs in KTV.In an interview, Zhang explained why she retired three years ago, looking much older but sprightly with graying hair and occasionally flashing a shy smile.I had been singing for more than 30 years, but I had a demon in my heart. I didn’t have a sense of security, and I was afraid of being eliminated by the market. I was too busy with work, so I forgot to adjust my life and exhausted myself.His voice had some problems because of overwork for a long time. Now he has recovered and will return to music.This time, Zhang yu directly answered the previous voice was not good, and admitted that it was because of his work problems.When chang Yu is mentioned, his wife Shiylo is mentioned.”Shiylang knows zhang Yu best”, this is their most direct expression, is also the Chinese circle of the golden couple.Before that, Chang retired from the music industry in 2006, citing emotional outpouring and signs of depression after his wife Shiirang became pregnant.He decided to take time off work just to take care of his wife.In the past three years, he has been trying to learn new things, such as Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. For example, he also went to the market to buy some vegetables and experience the life in the countryside.Once, he bought a pig liver in the shop, the shopkeeper asked him how much he wanted, he said to one, causing the stall owner to laugh.For his return, he hired a teacher so his voice could sing in a more relaxed environment.After three years of retirement, his mindset has changed a bit, and Zhang yu will approach his new songs in a whole new way.Now times have changed, those fans who grew up together have their own families, romantic songs like love songs are out of the question for them, and those sad songs are not popular among young people.