Authoritative media and controversial reports, fans make fun of a lot of sound!National football coach Li Xiaopeng is under great pressure

2022-06-16 0 By

China’s national football team has been quietly training to improve its image for the 2022 season, according to Beijing Youth Daily, an authoritative Chinese media outlet.After the fans saw the report, they all made fun of it, which shows that Li Xiaopeng, the coach of Chinese national football team, really wants to cheer up.Authoritative media reported the Beijing youth daily roughly as follows, the content of the World Cup is over 12 strong matches for a long time, China’s national soccer team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, combined with the Chinese women’s team in the Asian cup champion, now a lot of fans are the team’s bash for China, and China’s national soccer team, also know as a failure, any response behavior is meaningless.At present, The Chinese national football team has ignored the criticism, accusation, satire and abuse from the outside world, and is working hard to improve its external image. Now, the Chinese national football team has been training for a week, and the training intensity is at a medium and high level.According to the schedule, the Chinese national football team will play Oman and Saudi Arabia in late March.It can be seen from the report of Beijing Youth Daily, the authoritative domestic media, that The Chinese national football Team is still very “smart” and chose to “play dumb and deaf”. Although the media did not disclose more details, the current practice of The Chinese national football team has been ridiculed by many fans, which is a great pressure for coach Li Xiaopeng.Have fans said, “practice = closed doors hard is right, then later said no pressure, have the confidence to get good grades in against Saudi Arabia, Oman, the result is how everyone knows”, “China’s national soccer team training from preparation to now do not know how many days, there is no actual content, estimation is learned to shout the slogan”, “mid and teenager,30 years to go abroad, now hard training?Besides drinking disco, what else?”It is obvious that fans are very dissatisfied with the current situation of Chinese national football players, which is understandable.The salary of basic national soccer team players have never, every game abroad is a luxury hotel, with a personal chef, and bonuses, but the result is lose, now the Chinese women’s team has obtained the title, for the fans to see the Chinese national soccer team do have problem on attitude, so as the national coach Li Xiaopeng must first solve the problem of player attitude, otherwise will continue to lose,Li Xiaopeng’s class is not far away.